Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dear Miss.......

Dear Miss, I'm sorry Vicky has been absent from blogging but she has been most unwell. She is slowly recovering and hopes to return to blogging, but may suffer relapses, due to there being a Squiddle pop in her belly.

Squiddile pop has been named by big sister Alexandra. (Think we may have to let the grown ups pick an actual name after the arrival to avoid many years of bullying and sibling hatred ;D)

So, yes, I've been ill as we are expecting little wish number 2 due 6th October. I really didn't want to leave you so long, but as I haven't ventured far from either sofa, bed or bathroom I had to give in to the overwhelming desire to sleep. Alot. In all honesty, there's nothing to show anyway. You can tell a girl's sick when she can't even muster a bit of enthusiasm to craft!

I may not be on here as frequently as pre bump, but I'll certainly be back more often than the last month.