Friday, 28 September 2012

Another WIP

This pattern is becoming a familiar friend in the Wishes house. I'm just over half way, and contemplating the finishing...


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Crochet Robot

I'm still creating a few little gifts for my little man who's 2nd birthday is just around the corner. Those who follow me on Facebook will know that I posted a link to this free pattern on Bernat. The Smaller Person loves several things at the moment: Dinosaurs (still), trains, rhinos, monkeys and Robots.

I've Just finished him! I have altered mine slightly so that it is definitely a boy robot. To do this, I left off the bow and antennae on his head, changed the colours and I've altered the face quite a bit. I prefer the bigger eyes and the wider smile. I've worked the whole robot in Cygnet DK.


The screen on his tummy is made from felt. I did toy with the idea of replacing the heart with buttons or even words, but he's kinda cute just like this.

Look! Cute little thumbs - love them!
I was really happy how he was turning out, but when I stitched the legs on, they didn't look quite right. A little fiddling around with the placement, and I'm much happier now. I really hope the Smaller Person likes him! These photos were taken before I changed the legs to the happier version :)
(They're set wider apart now)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Autumn Trees

This week at toddler group we've created some mini autumn masterpieces using finger-painting and collage.

To make these autumn trees you will need:
- paint the colour of autumn leaves (think red, orange, yellow, brown, gold, or any inbetween shades)
- a sheet of A4 paper or card (we've used blue sugar paper because the autumn colours contrast really well with the blue)
- brown collage pieces
- glue
- gold glitter
- a pen or pencil

Begin by drawing the shape of your tree trunk and branches. This was pre-done for our toddlers.
Next, glue your own collage pieces all over the shape you have drawn.
Using your fingers and the coloured paint, print fingerprint 'leaves' all over the top of the tree.
Whilst the fingerprint leaves are still wet, sprinkle with glitter for a lovely autumn shimmer.

Alternatives for the colours:
  • Substitute the autumn colour paint for silver paint or iridescent glitter glue for a frosty tree - include some snowflake confetti on your background and use a little white or silver glitter.
  • Switch the autumn colours for fresh greens and use buttons or pom poms for fruit.
  • Cover the branches in scrunched up tissue paper 'blossoms' in shades of pink and peach. (we've done thi a few time in the past)
  • If you have time, you could make a tree picture for each season to make a larger piece of art, or even to use on a calendar for 2013.
Alternatives for the trunk:
  • One large brown hand print with the fingers forming branches
  • Drawing around your hand and arm on brown paper/card/fabric/foam etc and cutting it out to stick on
  • Cutting your tree shape from some textured material such as corrugated card and printing the shape and texture onto your tree picture with brown paint.

This is the Smaller Person with his masterpiece (he was more interested in the paint and glitter). He's so proud that he can't keep still!

So here's his masterpiece in a little less blurry form :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

In Progress...

I bet you can't guess what I've become addicted to making...

Friday, 14 September 2012

Mini Monsters

I have just finished making two little monsters for my little monster for his upcoming birthday.

They are both made from the same crochet pattern by Alison Hoffman of Craft is Cool (which is available for free here on the Bernat blog). The different sizes have been achieved through different yarn weights and hook sizes.

I used two strands of acrylic DK in Fushcia and a 4.00mm crochet hook for the tiny guy, and Cygnet seriously chunky in Meadow Green with an 8.00mm hook for the lager guy.

I have backstitched the felt eyes in place rather than using fabric glue (like the pattern suggests) so that they hold better.

These were so quick and easy, and actually quite enjoyable to make. I think I'd like to make one a little bigger to complete the family, but I'll have to see what time I have!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Bird Feeders

This is such a simple, fun and easy craft and there are quite a few different versions of these floating around the internet.

To make our version of the bird feeders you will need:
 - a toilet/kitchen roll or wrapping paper cardboard middle (we used wrapping paper middles).
- smooth peanut butter
- a spatula like tool for spreading
- wild bird seed
- large plastic tray (optional)
- string

First of all, if you are using anything longer than a toilet roll middle, cut it down to a shorter length.
Using your spatula (or other spreading tool) cover the tube with smooth peanut butter.
If you are using the tray, fill the tray with your bird seed and roll the peanut butter covered tube through the seed until it is completely covered. If you are not use your hands and/or a spoon to cover the tube in seed the tray, with a bowl or a plate underneath to catch the seeds that spill.
Once the tube is covered, thread your string through the tube and tie a knot so that you have a looped hanger.

All that's left to do is find a good spot in your garden, hang up your feeder and watch to see how many birds visit!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Baby Girl Blanket

It's all good news around here lately - more congratulations to shout out to our friends Gemma and Stu. Their baby girl has just made her debut into the world.

I'm being a little bit rubbish today - I cannot find a photograph of Stu and Gemma together, so you get individuals instead :)
I've been working on another blanket knowing that they were expecting a baby girl. I started it as soon as I finished the last one, and made it on a similar style, just substituting the blue stripe for a pink one, and the eyelet edging for a girlier frilly shell edge.

I sat in bed finishing the last bit of the border and weaving in the ends before I went to sleep, and I just thought I'd have a quick look on Facebook to see if anyone had anything interesting to share, and there was the announcement and photo of a very fresh and well looking new mummy, and a tiny little bundle. She was an early arrival, so I wasn't expecting to need the blanket finished so soon. My crochet-subconscious must have known and made me work faster! It is also the speediest labour I've heard of amongst our friends and relatives, especially for a first baby.

While I was trying to be prepared for the manic months I have ahead, I had also made this card (a few months ago) ready for baby's arrival. It's just a simple pink card blank, a large stamp printed with red ink then embossed with clear embossing powder, finished off with a tiny pink 3D star sticker.

Congratulations Gemma and Stu, and welcome to your little girl, Evelyn!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Teacher Gift

One of my lovely friends has just spent the last year training to become a primary school teacher (PGCE route). She's worked incredibly hard, and this new school term she begins her NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) year in her new role as year 4 teacher (8-9 year olds) in a local primary school.

To let her know we're thinking of her on her first day, I put together an emergency kit.


This kit contains:
- paracetemol
- ibuprofen
- plasters
- nail files
- vaseline
- cold/flu remedy
- body spray
- breath freshner
- antibacterial gel
- wet wipes
- heartburn remedy
- some little sweeties
- a small bar of chocolate
- tissues

Hopefully that means she'll be prepared for almost any sniffles, munchies or other discomforts she may find herself experiencing! :D

We also got her a "First Day at School" card and advised her to 'play nicely and make lots of new friends' ;)

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get it to her yet. Hopefully she'll get it before half term break.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Return to Regular Scheduling - Toddler Group Tuesday

This day has crept up on me pretty fast. One minute I was all ready for a jam-packed Summer Holiday of fun with my Small People, the next thing I know, I'm packing the Small Person off on the school bus to her new Year 2 teacher with newly bought and labelled uniform.

She had a great day and seems to like her new teacher (which is great, because her last teacher is hard to top!). She's already done all of her homework and practiced her spellings.

She also went to her first class with Baginton Swimming Club after tea. An hour long session at the pool she has her regular lessons at. The bonus is, she gets to play for the last 10-15 minutes on all of the huge floats. She thought she looked like she was on a boat, I think she looked more like a big smiley frog on a lily pad :)

With a return to our term time routine, we also had our fisrt day back at Toddler Group today. As expected, it was quiet, it always is for the first couple of weeks back whilst people get back into their own term time routines.

I've drawn up an equipment rota for this school year so that everything gets a fair airing! The sand table even had an outing today.

For crafts we made lily collages with tissue paper. This is not my own original idea, but came from a DK Children's Art book that the Small Person borrowed from the library.

You will need:
- a sheet of white paper
- glue
- tissue paper in light blue, dark blue, pink, white, lilac and green

You could try the same technique with different flower types, for example, a field of poppies, bluebell woods, daisies and dandelions in the grass etc.