Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Snakes alive!

Today at toddler group I stuck to my plan and we printed patterns on cardboard snakes.

We used red, orange and pink poster paint and we printed with some rollers, sponges, bottole lids (including the large ones from the top of fabric softener bottles) and cotton reels.

There's loads of other things you could try printing with - vegetables (potatoes, carrots etc), scrunched up paper, bags and old tights, bubble wrap, stripped corrugated card, household utensils (potato masher, washing up brush/sponge) the list goes on and on!

Next week we're going to decorate some paper fans and cardboard dragons ready for Chinese new year (starts 14th Feb).

Monday, 25 January 2010

Can you help me feel brave for the NSPCC?

Hello everyone! My name is Bessy Bear and I belong to Alexandra.

I know you're normally used to Mrs Mummy writing about things she makes on here, but today she's letting me talk to you all. You see, the thing is, I'm doing something very brave next Sunday, and I'm starting to feel a little bit nervous and scared.

It was Alexandra's idea and because she's so nice to me and plays with me and looks after me, I wanted to make her happy, and now she's so excited! The shopping centre in our town is raising money for the NSPCC which Mrs Mummy said helps lots of children who aren't as lucky as Alexandra. So I said I would join in to help. It's called "Bears in the Air".

I'm being sponsored to fly across a zip wire at the very top of the shopping centre!

Now you can see why I'm getting a bit scared. What if I'm too scared of how high I am? What if my knees turn to jelly? What if everyone can see under my dress as I fly across? I told Mrs Mummy (because I didn't want to worry Alexandra) and she tried to make me feel better, but she also said whenever she feels upset or nervousor worried she can always talk to her lovely friends on here to make her feel better. She said I could try the same thing, so do you think you could all make me feel a bit braver? I don't want to let down my sponsors or Alexandra.

Mrs Mummy has just given me one thing to make me less scared and a bit more brave.
Pants! Not just any pants either. She says they're super pants! Now I don't need to be scared of people seeing under my dress!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Winners, Yup, More than one!

Well the time has come to announce my give away winners. There are 3 (for reasons that become obvious if you read the original post!) so well done to Natty (also known as Natalie) of Nats Nest who said

"ooo, ooo I want to enter! (super cute brooch)I'm really proud of the doll I made for the momiji contest last year (she didn't win, but I love her, and it was my first attempt at a doll). You can see a picture here"

I thought the doll you made was super cute, and the name was perfect!
and well done Mrs Woo (also know as Felicia) of Made for you by Mrs Woo who said

"I am so lucky to have wonderful crafty people in my life, I always have done, so there are lots of amazing things that have been given to me, but the one I treasure most is my Union Jack pincushion made by YOU! I was thinking about it in my sewing box the other day and dreaming of how I'll still have it and be able to remember what it commemorates and how lovely it was to get such a thoughtful gift as a total surprise! I love it, thanks so much for the special keepsake Vicky! I really do treasure it a great deal and am looking forward to passing it down {and the accompanying card} through my family x"

Which of course made me blush! (Very pleased to have made something which was so well recieved and loved.)

and thirdly to Heather (yes, potato salad Heather), one of my oldest and dearest friends who lives far too far away for my liking, who said

"This giveaway is intriguing...especially the mystery one, though that brooch is gorgeous too! Now for my crafting...I think I'm probably most proud of some of the x-stitching I've done. I first started x-stitching when I had depression; it helped somehow, I just don't know how! Isn't crafting ace?! Anyway, long after the horrible 'd' word left me, I carried on and have now done quite a lot including 2 birth samplers and a huge wedding sampler. One of the birth samplers is probably my favourite though; I stitched it to celebrate the birth of my second cousin and upon receiving it, my cousin and his wife decided to decorate the baby's bedroom in the colours of my sampler so it all matched...I can't tell you how touched I was. You know, I think maybe I'll have to start my own blog to show off my x-stitching (and occaisionally other crafts too)!"

I really think you should keep a blog, Heather. Then I can keep up with what you've been up to too. Not sure where you'd fit it in time wise, but.......

So your goodies will be on the way to you 3 lovely ladies very soon!

Ho hum. Tomorrow I'm back to dreary work. Today I am getting organised so that I'm ready for it! I have made soup to store, tidied and cleaned, caught up on a huge pile of washing (but not the ironing - oops!), put out clothes for tomorrow, filled pre-school bags (there are many), made lunches and have made decent headway with the bed cover for the small person's room.

This is (very) obviously un-ironed and again in poor lightbut you can see how it's coming together and the colour of the stitching I'm using for the appliques. I'm quite enjoying it and the small person keeps popping over to the sewing machine and saying things like "Wow mummy!" and "That is just so good, mummy" and "I think that is mine and I will show everyone that you made it". It's nice to have a fan.

Now I'm going to come over all housewifey again and cook pork goulash ('cos the beef was icky with too much gristle and fat) with tagliatelle. Got to make the most of it. Once I'm at work I make cheat dinners! :D (But shhhh, don't tell anyone!)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Owls made by small people

As promised, here is a (terrible because of poor light) photograph of one of the owls created at todays toddler group session. It is of course Alexandra's owl, and isn't it absolutely fantastic? She did a really good job, so much so that she then went around telling all the other children "You have to do it like mine!" That was a calm (know-it-all) order, not a suggestion or exclamation.

We used empty cereal packets for the main head and body shape and also the face shape. Felt was used for the eyes and beak, and then lots of pieces from our brown collage tub around the body. We also used some dark brown lentils to fill. The front was made from sawdust and wood shavings. Next week we're printing snakes! :D

Well, I had hoped to have some of the sewing for Alexandra's new bedroom things done today, and although I was more organised than I recall ever being, and I was up well before the small person, I have to confess I have neither switched on the sewing machine nor picked up a needle and thread. My defence is this "lots of people have wanted to talk to me today". I've had 3 house visitors, 1 person stop me in the street on the way to toddler group to give me some very good news and 2 people want to talk to me at toddler group. Busy busy, very popular me ;)

I think I might try and get a bit done once the small person has settled in her bed, especially seeing as Mr Bogert has gone galavanting on a photo shoot.

The good news delivered to me in the street is that a local motorcycle gang/group have regular fundraisers and donate the money to charity, but this time they'd like to donate some to our little toddler group! How lovely is that of them!? They gave some to the air ambulance already, I just need to speak to the mum's and other organisers at toddler group about what we might like some money to go towards. I just thought it was so nice for our group to be thought of. It made me all smiley :)

So, on the one hand I've been very popular with all my visitors and conversations today, unfortunately not so popular with my give away :( I feel a bit like the last kid to be picked for the sports team at school! (which had I have taken part in any sports, I'm sure I would have been) So, if you're just feeling shy, you've still got time to enter! Draw wont be taking place until tomorrow 3pm GMT. Here's the post you have to comment on to enter. I promise it's painless and maybe even fun :D

Speak to you all tomorrow!

Monday, 18 January 2010


Ok. I think I've finally (begrudgingly) dragged myself into 2010. Only a couple of weeks late, but I've made it. I'd much rather be back in 1950 something where I'm sure I would have felt much more at home, but as that's not going to happen I suppose I'd just better get on with it.

Today "it" is mostly preparation. I have owl shapes to cut out and an example owl to make with the small person ready for toddler group tomorrow. I also have fabrics to cut. You may remember this post from way back when about fabric I bought for the small person's bedroom. (No? Well I'm not surprised. It is a while ago) So much for having the small person's new bedspread and curtains up before the Autumn. I should be sacked. So today I have been cutting curtain pieces and cutting bed linen pieces. I still have a few more to do. I would really like to try and get some pieces sewn today, but I also have a heap of the boring stuff to do (Housework).

The cut out pieces for the small persons bed cover (with and without applique pieces)

I've also been trying to find out more about the UK health and safety laws and trading standards rules and how they apply to handmade. I'm desperate to make certain items, but I'm not sure it's going to be possible especially items intended for children. I'm really struggling to get anywhere. I'm probably not looking in the right place, and if that's the case and someone could point me in the right direction I'd love them forever! Does anyone out there in bloggy land have any information that could help me?

The reason I'm looking for rules and regulations is I really want to take Alexandra's Wishes further this year and unfortunately that means taking some time to look at the boring side of crafty business, so that I can do it "right".

So you see, it's all preparation in the Wishes house today. Preparing new bedroom items, preparing for toddler group and preparing to make a real go of something I love.

Don't forget there's still time to enter my giveaway to win one of my crochet hair bows and new valentine heart brooches (below) and a little surprise extra. The give away will be drawn on Wednesday. I'd really love to read some more about handmade things you love!

Back tomorrow with toddler group wood shaving owls and hopefully some progression on the bed linen or curtains. I'm not fussy, either will do!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Oh the joys of technology (and a give away)


"naughty witch"

Meeting the cowardly lion

"The scarecrow is very silly"



So, this is actually my second attempt at a 102nd post. I had it all written up with a "hurray me and my 102nd post" theme and even my first ever give away all set to go. That was before a gremlin moved into our home :(

Poor Mr Bogert has had no luck what-so-ever the alst few days. My printer wouldnt work with his laptop, then his printer coughed, spluttered and died completey, then our hard drive on the PC packed up, he attempted to fix it and the internet connection went down, so he couldn't even use his laptop to access the internet. Dr Bogert will be attending to the ailing modem tomorrow whilst we hold a small service in memory of the poor dead hard drive. No, we can't salvage the information, but luckily the most important things and my photos (god forbid I ever lose those!) are on my external hard drive which is feeling fine. Guess what I'm going to be backing up when the PC's feeling better?

So, that messed up my plan and Mr Bogert's weekend. Very annoying. I'm sitting at my Mum's using her wireless internet because she also has computer issues which Mr Bogert is trying to help with.

Back to yay me and the 102nd post.

I can't believe I've made over 100 posts and you're still here with me! (You are, right? Hello....?) As is normally required at such events, I will be having a small give away. My first ever! Woo hoo!

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post about something you made that you're really proud of, or something that has been made for you that you really treasure and why. Lurkers can de-lurk (as there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I admit to being a happy lurker on several blogs!) I will post internationally and you don't need to have a blog to enter, but if you do and you post a link to this give away on your blog I will give you a second entry (don't forget to leave a link to your blog in your comment if you do!). Winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday 20th January.

And what's up for grabs? One of my new heart brooches (that were going to be in my Folksy shop this weekend, but will have to wait until everything is back up and running) and a mohair re d crochet hair bow (fixed to a barette clip). There will also be a surprise extra. It will be a surprise because I can't make up my mind which to give! :D

So there you go. Good luck!

In other news, the small person had a lovely treat this morning. She had a surprise package come through the post. Not only was she SOOOOOOOO excited to have post, but she loved the contents too. The lovely Mrs Woo sent her a Wizard of Oz DVD. Now, anyone who knows Mrs Woo will know she adores the Wizard of Oz, and so does the small person. She (small person) watched it twice this morning already, and has put in an order for a Dorothy costume for the May Fair fancy dress. She was most concerned that I don't forget the ruby slippers. So thank you very very much Mrs Woo, you really are lovely :)

Crafty wise, apart from my valentines heart brooches I've been helping the small person make necklaces. Her's some piccies of her wonderfully bright creations. (at the top of this post)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Finger puppets by small people

Puppet plan complete successfully!

There was a slight snag when I had actually stitched a few of the finger puppets and thought perhaps I should try one on the small person. Small people's fingers ARE small, although apparently not as small as I had envisaged. Oooops! So the had to be re-cut and sewed. Thank goodness I tried them before we went to toddlers! Here's the small person modelling her creations.
The red one is called "Flee" and the purple one is called "Flee Flamily" (Yes I did intentionally put an extra 'L' in there) and the small person says that they are friends with Tinkerbell.

These were so easy to make (which is good considering the do-over which took place!). Just 2 pieces of felt machine sewed around the edge and then the kids used PVA glue to stick felt cut outs, sequins and googly eyes to make their own little characters. If I'd have had more time I would have cut some bits and pieces out for capes and butterfly wings etc. Seemed to go down well anyway.

In the end we actually had quite a few turn up which I was very surprised by with the weather. 14 littlies in total.

Turn out for camera club last night was also higher than I expected with 2 newcomers. Hope they enjoyed it enough to come back next time. We had a model named Joe in for the shooting part of the session. I'm not overly impressed with my piccies this time though :( I tried a bit of editing and Mr Bogert got home looked at it, and said "that photo you've taken's got potential" to which I replied "What do you mean potential? This is after editing" and Mr Bogert pulled a face! Way to boost my confidence Mr Man :P

Monday, 11 January 2010

100? Really?

I've just logged in to make a very quick post about me still not being totally with it, and I'm so not with it, I was just greeted by the magical number 100! This is my 100th post, and yet what I have to say doesn't really seem to fit this momentus occassion. Lets celebrate my 100+ post, ok?
So, yes, I'm still not myself. I'm still a bit icky feeling, life however must go on, so today I've been giving some thought to the rest of the toddler group crafting year. I have a plan. I just now need to prepare it all, so I'm not doing the night before each session ('cos that happens more often than I'd like to admit).

12/01 - Finger puppets
19/01 - Wood shaving owls
26/01 - Printed snakes
02/02 - Chinese New Year fans (starts 14th feb)
09/02 - Love bird Valentines cards
23/02 - Mask decorating
02/03 - St David's Day daffodils
09/03 - Mother's Day cards
16/03 - Shamrock picture holders (St Patrick's Day)
23/03 - Easter cards
13/04 - Garden collage
20/04 - Flag making (St George's Day)
27/04 - Pipe cleaner bugs
04/05 - Lion/giraffe pictures
11/05 - Tissue paper blossom tress
18/05 - Door hangers
25/05 - Felt monster collage
08/06 - "My house" model/collage
15/06 - Father's day "Dad Heads"
22/06 - lollipop stick people
29/06 - Fridge magnets
06/07 - Sandcastle collages
13/07 - Ice cream sundae collage
20/07 - Biscuit decorating

See, it looks like a plan. (Although writing a weekly plan out that takes me until the end of the school year - and the small person's last preschool year - makes me feel like times flying by already!) I'll keep you posted as we work our way through the school year. This afternoon, I'll be turning these.....
....into these......

...ready for tomorrow's finger puppet session (which we probably wont have too many people attend 'cos of the weather.)

And, tonight is the first camera club session of the new year. I hope Mr Bogert's all set. We're talking about tools that manipulate light tonight. Fingers crossed I learn something!

PS - Head on over to Christine Chintis' blog Lavender and Limes. Not only is it a lovely blog (that I always follow) but she's having a super give away of some lovely items purchased on her recent visit to India (give away is open internationally). Go take a look!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Craft doodles

These are the result of sitting down and quietly reminding myself I'm a crafter and my motto is makey crafty sewey do. So I did.

They are love monsters, but are more of a craft doodle than a finished idea.

They would wear their hearts on their sleeves, but they don't have any, so they wear it on their tummies instead :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.......

And I certainly haven't.

I'm still ill. Sicky Vicky :( The cough that plagued me all of Christmas developed into full blown flu just in time for check in at the hotel for new year :( How much partying did I get done? Not a whole bunch. I did make it downstairs for dinner on New Year's Eve and stayed up drinking lemonade until the clocks chimed. I even ventured to the bar of the health club on New Year's day with my book whilst Mr Bogert and the small person went into the pool. Then I went back to bed with a really bad headache.

I still have the worst chesty cough and feel rotten. You can tell how awful I feel. There has been no crafting! I know! It's terrible! I also feel incredibly cheated. I now have to wait another 12 months to enjoy my favourite time of year.

I have done a few of the small person's craft kits with her. We made a family of puppets (I drew the outlines and she filled them in) she sewed a picture frame and a purse, and today she decorated a mirror and hairbrush with a whole bunch of bling.

l-r - Lion ('cos every family needs one, dontcha know), Me, The small person, Mr Bogert

There is snow everywhere, which I would love to go out and enjoy, but can't because of this stupid yuckiness that's ruining all of my fun. My little sister did however save the day, and took the small person out the front to make a snowman and snowangel. My sister's not big on the making of snowmen but points for effort.

I am now going to sit on my comfy sofa and attempt some of my own crafting, that's if I can get into the swing....