Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hello! Still here....!

Wow! I have huge amounts of time to make up for.

Well, it turns out, contrary to popular belief (well, my belief anyway), I am not, nor will I ever be, super woman. Having a baby at home, a 5 year old with school, swimming and dance classes to get to, running the toddler group, being active in the village events, and then deciding to take a degree from home, well, something had to give. Unfortunately for me, it was my hobbies.

So, since I last posted, I have only crafted for neccessity (much to my sadness) and obviously haven't had any time to catch up in blogland. I did think about still looking at the blogs I usually follow, but I didn't want to torture myself ;)

Anyway, I may not be able to pop in quite as often as I would like, but I'm going to promise myself at least a little time every month to say hi here. It should be easier now that one of my courses is reaching the end.

So, over the next few posts (as and when I get some blogland time) I'll show you what crafty things I've been up to.

And how is my small person and little wish? Growing way to fast!

Photograph courtesy of Peter Weston

And my first bit of crafting to show you:

This is Zachary in his Bunny costume for the Village May Fair fancy dress competition.

I used a long sleeved white vest, some white trousers with feet in, then made the body part and bonnet. These were made from a fleece blanket along the same lines as the animal costumes I made for Alexandra's nursery. Zack is NOT a fan of hats, and it would seem adding ears to them makes it worse. Every time I put the bonnet on, he yaned on the ears until he pulled it off. So, solution? Make him a carrot from felt to distract him. Seemed to work. The whole thing was very last minute (the night before), but he won first prize in his category, under 2's.

Right, back to student type work :)