Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012!

2012 has been a fantastic year. During 2012 I have turned 30, completed my second year of my degree and started my third and final year, been to several friends weddings, even being a bridesmaid at one, and we've congratulated friends who have got engaged and will be marrying in 2013.

We've been to first birthday parties, welcomed new babies and heard the good news of more expected in 2013.

My Small Person lost her first baby tooth, won 3 art competitions and placed in the children's homecraft section of the Kenilworth show, and she performed her heart out in her dance show in July and again for Playbox Theatre in August.

My Smaller Person has made new friends, gained huge amounts of confidence and is a huge Scooby Doo fan. His vocabulary is growing fast every day. Mr Bogert has worked hard at his day job and also at his photography and he has plenty more trips and photoshoots set for 2013 including a couple of personal photography projects he has been planning. In 2012 we became the proud owners of the Spaceship (our S-Max car) and only had time to fit in one holiday (to Woolacombe) but we crammed it full of fun days.

We've been involved in or attended plenty of village events such as the Open Gardens, Party in the Park and Bonfire Night. Mr Bogert and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and we planned and executed (rather well I thought) a Muppet Rainbow 2nd Birthday Party for the Smaller Person, and a Princess 7th Birthday Party for the Small Person.

2013 promises to see a big change for us around the end of June. My degree will finally be complete and I will have the entire summer study free to get on top of housework and, most importantly, spend plenty of time with the family without deadlines hanging over my head or bookish distractions calling me away. I can't wait. I haven't had study free time since before my sweet little guy was born. Can you believe that!?

Wishing you all the very best in 2013, and hopefully an enjoyable evening seeing in the New Year. See you on the other side!

Lots of Love, The Wishes xxx

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Gift Creations

I did actually get around to a little making for a few gifts this year, but not as many as I originally planned :(

For the two new babies I made personalised Christmas stockings in the same style as the ones I made last year for the baby bunch. Instead of crushed velvet, I used calico. Each one had a Gingerbread lady stuffed toy inside (purchased from Wilkinsons).

For the baby bunch, I made personalised drawstring bags again in calico. They are fully lined with the initial of each child sewn on with blanket stitch, and then their first names are embroidered onto the initial with a simple backstitch. Each drawstring bag had a mini chocolate selection box, a set of bath crayons, a candy cane and a push and go aeroplane.

For my Mum I made a twisted crochet cowl, very similar to the one I made for my Christmas OU swap partner. It has an eyelet edge again, and is made up of mostly mock moss stitch. It was crocheted in the round, so the twist was put in at the start when I joined the foundation chain.

I had intended to make my sister-in-law a Betty Boop bag, and even started it, but ran out of time. I will finish it though and then keep it for her birthday.

I also intended to make my sister a crochet top. I only got about as far as buying the yarn :/

Mr Bogert got his crafty on and made pickled onions. We have several jars now to keep us going. For his Secret Santa gift, he gave a jar of the pickles and also made a jar of curry wurst sauce (just add sausages!) and baked a loaf of bread to go with it. I know it's supposed to be secret, but I don't think the people doing the secret Santa come on here (and the recipient knows it was Mr Bogert anyway).

I also received a lovely homemade gift from my OU crafter friend as part of the swap. Just look at this fantastic apron made with lovely matryoshka fabric. I love it!

I showed off my OU swap creations in a previous post.

The Smaller Person also had a very thoughtful homemade gift from one of the baby bunch, made by his Mummy. She made lovely personalised tote bags (great minds ;D) which had a couple of books and a soft toy inside. We really do appreciate all things homemade in this house!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Busy Festive Season for the Wishes

We have had so much fun and seen so many people over the Christmas week. We've eaten huge amounts of food, had lovely gifts and he kids have played. A lot. We were a little disappointed that our old favourites haven't been on telly this year, but we have a great collection of Christmas DVDs!

We took the Small People to see Santa at Playbox Theatre. If I had been holding a competition for the best tree I've seen all Christmas, they would have won, hands down. It is absolutely lovely.

We had a little get together with Potato Salad Heather and the Boy, her hubby to be, with the other bridesmaids.

After watching The Polar Express, we took the Small People on 'The Christmas Express'. They thought they were going to bed, but after they'd  washed and changed they found golden tickets waiting for them on their beds. They got their dressing gowns and some footwear on, and we set out in the spaceship to see all of the Christmas lights with popcorn for company. They loved the surprise!

We had a get together for all of the Small People, including the two new tiny additions, so that they could see each other before Santa's visit and exchange gifts. Our children obviously spent time corrupting the others ! ;/

These four have grown so much since last Christmas!
The Baby Bunch. L-R - Tiny Miss T: 1 month old, Little Miss E: 3 months old, Ethan: 22 Months, Isla: 22 Months, The Smaller Person: 26 Months, Jake: 20 Months.
And our beautiful (if slightly anti-social) 7 year old Small Person.
The children decorated their mini trees on Christmas eve, and received their new decorations: a glowing snowman for the Small Person, and a knitted reindeer for the Smaller Person. We watched Arthur Christmas - loved it! Then we opened our Christmas Eve gifts. The Small Person had new slippers, the Smaller person, new PJs, Mr Bogert a lovely new Jim Shore Disney tree decoration, and I had comfy fluffy socks. The Small People put treats out for Santa and the reindeer and we watched their PNP messages from Santa. They both made the nice list this year - Phew! Mr Bogert read the Small People a story, but in our usually disorganised style, we couldn't find The Night Before Christmas.

Tree decorating.

Christmas Eve presents.
Santa's treats.
Santa's messages.
Santa was very good to us this year! We opened all of our stocking gifts on our bed then set off downstairs. The Small People were so excited! Santa bought a Rainbow Magic DVD for the Small Person and a Wooden truck for the Smaller Person. I had a new mixer, soup bowls set and a James Patterson book amongst other goodies. Mr Bogert had some lovely clothes and things for swimming/water polo. My Dad and his partner called round. Shockingly he didn't require any leftover wrapping this year! (he's usually about as prepared as we are!).

We had a fantastic Christmas dinner at The Old Mill restaurant in our village, with Mr Bogert's Mum and sister. The Smaller Person ad a little bit of a tantrum though during the main course and Mr Bogert and I had to take shifts outside. Funnily enough, he calmed down in time for ice cream sundae!

Everyone came round for Christmas tea except my Grandad who was feeling unwell. We were concerned he'd picked up this Norovirus, but after a little investigation came to the conclusion it was more likely the many chocolate bars and crisps he admitted to stuffing his face with, all washed down a large serving of cranberry juice. He was fine by boxing day, and, we think, has learnt his lesson!

We spent boxing day at home, then some time at my Mum's where her partner entertained the Small People with a couple of the ferrets, and the Smaller Person was stealing sweeties and hiding under the computer desk. In the evening we went to Mr Bogert's Mum's house for some nibbles and drinks. They all played the Small Person's new Princess game while I tried to do some uni work. Studying was pretty hard work seeing as I was almost asleep! The exertion of the last few days was obviously too much! ;D

Trying on Auntie Steph's glasses.
Stealing sweets and hiding.
Playing with the ferrets.

On the 27th we always hold our Christmas get together for all of our friends. We have been doing this for years, since before any of the children came along. As all of our family lives change, traditions have to change too, so this year we held our first get together for the Small People in the afternoon. Our two had so much fun running around with their little friends. We still had the usual one for the grown ups later on at 7pm. We even did Secret Santa this year!

Mr Bogert doesn't go back to work until 2nd, the Small Person doesn't go back to school until 8th.We're just enjoying some quiet family time. I, unfortunately, have an assignment due for creative writing on 3rd and another for linguistics on the 10th, so most of my quiet days will be filled with study, but there's still something very nice about quiet days with the family in the subdued winter light with twinkling tree lights all over the living room.

I hope you had the most fantastic Christmas!