Wednesday, 29 September 2010

1 week from "B" day

One week today and out Little Wish is due to arrive. I'm not holding out any great hopes though for a baby with a good sense of time keeping. In fact, I've booked for the electrician to come and do some work in our bathroom :)

Where have I been? Well after our little get away to the seaside (which was very nice, and small person loved), we returned to no internet service. It took a while to sort it out (and according to the engineer isn't likely to last) so no way to post or to check up on the blogs I read! Not a happy bunny :( Once we did finally get the internet back, I was in full "school mum" mode. I think I've just about got the hang of that now.

It was really hectic to be honest. Not only has she just started to school, but she's just started swimming lessons on a Wednesday at 4pm and dancing lessons on Monday at 4pm, and Saturday at 9:15am. The induction period was really long and drawn out too.

She was so ready for school, she really didn't need the slow introduction (I can see why some children who are younger or haven't been to nursery would though). The first week she had a home visit from her teacher (who seems lovely by the way) on the Wednesday, then she started school Thursday but only 9am until 11:30am. We had to take her and pick her up. Great, but I don't drive and we live in a village several miles from the school. Even if I hadn't been heavily pregnant, walking really wasn't going to be an option.

The following week was the same times (9am-11:30am) but we said we really needed to send her on the school bus that's provided, which they agreed to. So small person got to sit in the classroom waiting for the other children to arrive 8:40am. She actually quite liked this because she had free use of all the toys and drawing things :) Obviously I still had to collect her so either relying on lifts to get me there and bringing her back on the village bus, or catching the village bus at 9:40am (the only one that would get me there in time for 11:30) and bringing her back the same way were the only ways to do it.

The following week was 9am - 2pm for them to see what it's like to stay for lunch (but only packed lunch). Again we sent her on the school bus in the morning, but I arranged with the teacher for me to collect Alexandra 15/20mins early so that I could get the 1:55pm bus back. If we missed it, we would be stuck until the next bus at 5pm. First day, we missed it. Yay.

Anyway, induction is finally over. She started full time school (and is now allowed hot dinners) as of this week. She can now go to school and come home on the school bus. I still have to collect her from school on Mondays and Wednesdays for dancing and swimming, but that I can manage.

She is absolutely loving school and keeps coming home with well done stickers or telling me how many house points she's had. Her reading is coming along nicely too.

Other than that what have I been up to?

- Returned to toddler group for the new school year
- Started getting to grips with my Open University course materials (course officially starts this
- Watched Mr Bogert tear the bathroom apart. At the moment we have no bath, but it's getting
- Stayed in whilst we have some lovely new double glazed windows and front door fitted
(courtesy of Mr Bogert's mum)
- Tidied the house (with much help from my friend Kate) ready for the impending arrival
- Still prepping craft projects for toddler group so that when I'm away the crafty standards don't go down hill (!)
- Making the small person a smart wool coat for when the weather's a wee bit chillier
- Crocheted endless numbers of hair bows in a rainbow of colours in the hope I'll restock my
Folksy shop soon
- Started making a few presents for Christmas

I still have so much to do!