Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who built the ark?

Who built the ark? Mr Bogert it seems. For the past couple of weeks he's been spending all of his free time building a 2 man kayak in the back garden.

A whole bunch of our friends (the menfolk) meet up every Thursday evening at the pub. One evening it was decided that they needed to have a boat race down the river, and to do this they needed to build boats. (boys and toys :D) They're all pairing up and the race is set for August 7th.

The good thing about Mr Bogert's boat is that it actually looks like a boat, so I'm hoping for his and his team mates sake that it floats like a boat :)

I have been sewing all day (inbetween cooking dinner and trying to keep the house in a reasonable state, but not suceeding). This coming week is the small person's last ever week of pre-school :( She's getting bigger. So, last week of term she has a summer concert. Mr Bogert is doing the photos again and I'm going to help get the kids in costumes etc in the morning. They are doing the Princess and the Pea and they took until the end of this last week to let me know what Alex was going to be and that she would need a costume. The small person will be a Mexican. Did you kow there was a Mexican in The Princess and the Pea? Nope, I didn't either, but I'm looking forward to seeing all the kids perform :)

Anyway, there was no way I was going to stick a sombrero, poncho and big black moustache on her. She's a girl, and she wants to be a girl in the concert, so she's a Mexican dancer.
I've made her a circular skirt trimmed with 4 different ribbons. As it's only fancy dress I haven't hemmed it properly, I've just zig zagged the edge to stop it fraying. I made the skirt last night and was determined to finish it before bed. It took ages to sew the ribbons on, just because of the lengths and changing threads rather than difficulty, but by the time I'd finished I was really pleased, I shook the skirt out, and realised I stitched them all to the inside. Not a chance I'm unpicking that lot for a costume. No one will notice. I hope.

I've made a gypsy/peasant style blouse with an elasticated neckline. The frill has been decorated with lazy daisies. Not quite (translated - nowhere near) as beautiful and intricate as the embroidered blouses I saw on Google, but you get the idea at least. Then she just has a red sash and a plaited red hair tie/band thingy (all technical descriptions) She's pleased, I'm pleased. Job done :)

Tomorrow I have biscuits to bake for toddler groups last session before the summer holidays. I've got a set of great cookie cutters I can't wait to try, and the small person promised help.

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  1. That skirt so reminds me of my Country Dancing skirt I had to wear at school! I always thought round skirts like that are devils to make, so well done you!

    Where's Mr Bogert & Co doing their boatrace then? I hope you're going to take lots of photos of the others sinking (I'm sure Mr Bogerts won't!)

    Much love,