Monday, 21 January 2013

Wonderful Snow!

I know not everyone will agree with me, but I absolutely love the snow! I love the potential for fun, the prettiness of a sparkling blanket of white, and the satisfying feeling of snuggling up in a warm house with a hot drink staring out at the soft white flurries outside.

It's often considered a bit of a joke how well us English cope with snow in contrast to other countries like Canada, but really, we're not set up for it. It's a once in a blue moon occurrence. Our sloping, winding country lanes and smaller side roads are not great for snow travel either. Often the snow is deep enough to cause problems, but not deep enough for things like snow socks. Or there's the transition from one extreme to the other: gritted with no snow but plenty of slush, compacted and iced over ice rink like surfaces, then the deep crunchy stuff.

On Friday we checked the school closures list and the Small Person's school was still open, so off she went on the bus. Then we had a phone call to let us know the school would be closing at 2.30pm because the weather was getting worse. At that point there would be no school bus because the other schools involved were not in agreement on a closure time. Excellent. Most of the children at the Small Person's school are within walking distance, or at the very least, live in the town where the school is. We are further out in our little village, definitely not walkable and I don't drive. Mr Bogert was miles away at work in Birmingham. The next development was that school was now closing at 12pm and could we all collect our children soon. Even better. I had no choice but call Mr Bogert and get him to head home early to collect her. Finally the other school all agreed to close and the bus was sent to collect them. Too late for Mr Bogert to stay at work. It actually ended up taking Mr Bogert 2.5hours to get home from Birmingham, so it's probably just as well. It took the school bus from 12.30 to about 3.45ish to get from Coventry, to the schools in Kenilworth and then back out to the villages. That part of Friday and snow was not fun.

BUT once we were all home safe and changed into lots warm layers and wellies and waterproofs, we had the best time ever! And that fun carried on right through the 3 days. It is a snow day today too, but Mr Bogert is hiding away upstairs working from home, the Small Person has a list of homework that has been emailed from school and I'm trying to catch up on housework and do some uni work, so were all indoors. But still, love that snow!

I thought I'd just share some of our snowy photographs while it's all still fresh and wintery outside.

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