Sunday, 9 May 2010

May Fair 2010

Our village May Fair was held last weekend at the village hall. The weather held out, loads of people turned up and everyone had tons of fun. The only crafting I've really done since feeling so ill has been Alexandra's costume for the fancy dress competition. She wanted to be Dorothy.

She wore a plain white short sleeved t-shirt with a dress I made with fabric from the market. (this was super quick to make. Only about 2 hours) My Mum and Nan found the cutest little basket the perfect size for her at a car boot sale along with a pair of pink sparkly shoes. I know, Pink, not exactly the ruby slippers we needed, but a red permanant marker pen later they were very ruby red. The sparkle showed through the pen. I even managed to find the exact blue colour socks in primark. Toto was selected from many stuffies living in her bedroom.

She didn't win, but she looked great and had fun. She did however win the under 5's girls race. We can honestly say we didn't think she would. She's never been much of a runner, but on the day she was speedy gonzales! The only problem was the rope at the finish line confused her and she didn't want to run through it, so she raised her arms up in the air, stopped dead in her tracks and looked to me and her dad for expkanation or instruction :D

We had a tombola for camera club and we were sold out only 40 minutes into the event. We bought cake, entered competitions, ate from the BBQ and just enjoyed the sun. Mr Bogert did the Dad's race again and this time he didn't fall down a mole hole. He came in a ver respectable 3rd. I must draw your attention to the expressions on the faces in this photo. You see the Dad's race is not just a bit of fun, it's serious business!

Now that the May Fair is over for another year, we've got to turn our attention to the Open Gardens in June. As we so often do, we'vegot involved and we're running a photography exhibition in the village hall. The Village then and now. We've been tracking down old photos for a while then during camera club we're going to recreate the same pictures but as the area is today. We're also putting on a mini display for each club member. Minimum of 5 photos per person of any type or theme. So far I have 1 that I'm pleased to include. Best get a move on taking some more :)

And now to crafting. I have quite a few unfinished projects, but many of them were winter orientated so I'm finding it hard to muster the enthusiasm for them in the nicer weather. I have had aprons on the brain though. I know that once I'm on maternity leave I'll be able to do more. The further I get on in the pregnancy the harder work is getting. The work I'm asked to do has been cut right back, but I'm still finding by the end of the day I'm struggling with back and hip pain :( It will, however, all be worth it :)

I'm now just over 18 weeks which means nearly half way. I've been feeling more energetic so that's been a nice change! I must admit though, I have neither made, planned or bought anything for baby squiggle. Seriously, not even a bib or a muslin square. I don't feel any urgency to prepare, It's almost as if it's not actually gonna get here. I'm sure at week 38 I'll be in a mad flustered panic!

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  1. I love that picture of Alex; it reminds me of one of the pictures from my Millie Molly Mandy books!! And Miss Vicky, you're looking as stunning as ever in that picture...Can wait to catch up, whenever that may be!
    Much love