Tuesday, 11 May 2010

There is a limit to the energy

I've really been enjoying this stage of the pregnancy with tons of energy flowing around. It really did seem neverending. Washing, washing up, stripping and making beds, play time with the small person, cooking meals, bathroom cleaning, sweeping up, wiping down cupboards and doors, reoganising the airing cupboard, you name it I could do it ten times over all in the one day. I have however descovered there is a limit to this deep well of energy. It's called Toddler Group.

We had camera club last night, so we set everything out last night. We were short on volunteers and for some reason, the further we get on in the school year, the more some parents decide to leave the kids completely to their own devices. It means I end up spending a huge amount of time picking up lost toys and returning them to their rightful place, saving children from things that aren't play toys, fixing toys which have been pulled apart, returning balls to the ball pit, and generally getting more and more worn out. Hormones flying and all that, I've also been getting really quite cross. I watched one mum pick her 1 yr old up, put him in the ball pit at one end of the room (alone), then walk back to her chair at the other end of the room to carry on chatting. Deep calming breaths..... deep calming breaths......
Ok. Rant over. Just let it all wash over you.

So, today we made felt collage monsters. Quite good sticky fun. This is Alexandra's wonderful creation creatively called " Monster". Having the apron thing on the brain, I am finding myself with a sudden urge to create a monster apron. It's probably just as well that I'm too tired to get the sewing machine out :D
Camera club last night, we took our first outdoor session. We went a tried to recreate some of the old photographs that we have been collecting. I quite enjoyed it (despite having watch the small person because of lacking a babysitter, but she did occupy herself by finding leaves and feathers and taking pictures on Daddy's camera) but it's interesting to see just what sort of problems we're going to come up against. For instance, someone has quite unconsiderately planted a tree right in the line of a shot we need, since the original photograph was taken! Also, the old plate cameras used for some of the pictures had a much longer lens so the overall effect is quite different. It should be an interesting project. Of course it didn't hurt that we got hot drinks and biscuits once we returned to the hall!

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