Friday, 19 November 2010

Seeing Spots

So the small person needed spotty clothes for "wear what you like day" at school. No problem I thought, until I checked through her clothes the night before and could only find one measly spotty t-shirt. We obviously don't do spots in the house.

So I went through her wardrobe and pulled out her denim dress, picked some felt the same colour as the spots on the (only) spotty t-shirt and sat in bed watching Twin Peaks sewing spots onto her dress.

The spots were in aid of Children in Need and Pudsey Bear. The children were also encouraged to take their own bears into school.

I cut 3 different sized cirlces from 3 different colour felts. The smallest size were sewn on with a cross, the middle size were sewn on with a back stitch and the largest were sewn on with a running stitch.

Taking school up on the bring your bear invitation, Bessy Bear had another outing this time in one of Zack's vests that I drew a Pudsey on with fabric pens. Alex seems to be happy anyway. Hopefully no more emergency crafting for me for a while!

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