Saturday, 28 April 2012

Welcome Baby

Last week Mr Bogert and I had a baby photoshoot, which is a lovely thing anyway, but this was even better! Our pretty little model was Miss Matilda Woo - Mrs Woo's sweet baby girl.
This is the first time I have ever met Mrs Woo in person. We became friends after Mr Bogert photographed her wedding back in 2008 (? - correct me if I'm wrong!) but we have never actually met.

Matilda is just the sweetest little thing, and despite being tired, did just wonderfully in front of the camera. I even got to meet Mr Woo. For Rob, it is the first time since photographing their wedding that he has seen them again, and it's just lovely to return for a portrait shoot of their precious new addition.

Now, I say new addition, but anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that Matilda is now 3 months old. I have only just, at this visit given her the new baby gift that I made and one (ahem*) of the welcome baby cards. I am entirely rubbish, but I'm hoping it's a case of better late than never...

And here it is, the Matilda Blanket:

The time went very quickly, and there was cake and tea involved - but it was such a nice visit (and I was given a vintage Singer sewing machine - Yay!). Mr Bogert is preparing the images for them as I type, and will no doubt write a blog post once they are ready. I will post a link when he does.

I hope they love the images when they see them!


  1. Yep, 2008, that's right :)
    We had so much fun, it was wonderful! And it wasn't even as though we'd never met, it felt like a reunion. I only wish I'd had the time to properly bake and actually clean!
    We LOVE the blanket it's so gorgeous! I plan on putting a box together as Matilda grows up of her most precious treasures and if it doesn't become her "blankie" once she's too big to sleep with it, it will go in her treasure box. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I can hardly wait to see the photos!!! We had such a wonderful morning/afternoon with you Wishes, we're hoping for a repeat in July :)

    1. A repeat in July would be lovely. I'm so pleased you like the blanket and enjoyed the photoshoot :) It was great to actually MEET you meet you if you know what I mean! (and Ben and Matilda)Don't get hung up by the baking and cleaning - your place is WAY tidier than ours!

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