Saturday, 21 July 2012

I'll Be Back...

...with lots of pictures and news. Just so as you know, we have been REALLY busy. I've got heaps to show and tell and I'm in the process of sorting out my jumbled thoughts.

We've had Baginton Party in the Park, the Small Person's dance show, there's a few crafty things that the Small Person and I have been up to, it's my [big] birthday in a couple of days - eeek!, and we have lots of wonderful Summer plans.

The Summer holidays are already here, so we're already well into enjoying our time together. I love having both the Small People at home. I don't even get tired of it by the end of the summer break. I do not love the idea of homeschooling though (I'm just not disciplined enough!) so the Small Person will be returning to class 2C in September.

In other news, I got my course result back for my Children's Literature course. A pass 3, which is equivalent to a 2.2 classification. Kind of funked me out :( It's the third time it's happened now. I work really well all through the course getting high pass 2s or pass 1s for my written work (for instance, my average for written work on this course was 81%, yet my examinable piece was 63%), it comes to the final assessment and I do something not quite right and get a much lower mark than usual. It's frustrating because I have proved time and time again I can do a lot better, but the feedback doesn't give me any idea where it all went wrong (because it's just vague categories awarded a grade level) and so I seem destined to repeat the same marks for every module.

My module marks affect my overall degree classification, so at the moment it looks like I might get a 2.2. I really need a 2.1 to carry on where I want to study. A 2.2 also doesn't actually reflect my capabilities. If that was the level I worked at, I'd be really happy - a 2.2 is a good level, I just know I can do more. I have 3 more modules to complete for my degree, only 2 of which count towards my classification. I HAVE to get a 2.1 or higher for both of them in order to still get a 2.1 overall degree, I have no chance of a First class honours degree anymore. The pressure is truly on, and I have to admit, I feel a little defeated already. I'd really appreciate it if you could all silently cheer me on over the next year ;)

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