Friday, 27 July 2012

The Lunt Roman Fort - Thursday 26th July

We took a wander down to the Lunt Fort, which luckily for us, is located in our village, so not too far to travel.

We've been here quite a few times in the past, and they always hold different events for childrn over the school holidays. Today they were looking at Roman pottery. There were pictures and books laid out on the table for inspirtion, and then the children were encouraged to make their own Roman pot.


The Smaller Person pottery was mostly focused on how it would fit inside a kitchen roll middle.

Mys sister joined in and made a pot for Zachary (which I think was just a good excuse to play with the clay :D)

The Small Person's clay pot with a face (like the example above).

More pottery examples.

When I say children, that obviously includes my 22 year old sister, who had tagged along for the trip.

The Small Person noted the faces on many of the pots, so used a tool to scrape a face into her pot. She gave the pots to the staff for safe keeping whilst we went outside. We've been having some absolutely lovely weather this week, and today was no exception. We found a shady spot on the grass and had a picnic. The Smaller Person, as is often the case, got bored and wandered off for an explore. Because it's enclosed and has wide open spaces, it was fine to let him explore a little while we sat and watched him from our picnic spot. He loves the idea of freedom, but is so surprised when he's actually allowed! He kept looking back as if to say "Are you sure? You know I'm going right? Now's the time to stop me...."

The Small People had a mad five minutes running around the gyrus and checking out their echoes, then we went up the steps on the reconstructed gateway. You can see right across the fields to the city from there.

We collected out Roman pots, and set out from the Fort to just across the road where the village park is. The Small People burnt of a little more energy, before we headed back home. It was still so hot, and they still had so much energy! They must have Duracell batteries or something, because there's just no stopping these two once they wake up.

We called in at my Mum's house and they Small People were given ice lollies (most of which ended up own their clothes, in their hair and on my Mum's carpet) and were entertained by my Mum and her partner's pet ferrets: Dora, Rodney, Smudge, Benjy and Charlie. Zack thought they were the funniest things ever, Alexandra was trying to give them voice commands. Yeah, didn't work. Did that stop her shouting at them? Nope, of course not.

Back home, they cooled off in the back garden with the paddling pool, and were much quieter - ah, momentary peace! We finished a really lovely day with a BBQ with Mr Bogert when he got home. All days should be like this one.

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