Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ahoy Mateys!

Ok, so have nothing much new to show, I've just been working on all those furry creatures. Something I am quite excited about is I've just booked Alex's 4th birthday party. It's not until November, but I really struggled to get a date because everything is booked out (I think it's because you start getting into Christmas party season by then). We've booked our village hall and a company called fit 'n' fun kids which I think the kids will love. I couldn't get the hall on any suitable day in November, so her party will be December 5th. Now this doesn't sound all that exciting, but the best part is she wants a pirate theme! Yay! I feel some bunting coming on :)

So, I've started getting all these big ideas for cakes and invites and costumes (because it's got to be fancy dress) and goody bags. It also means Rob will get one of his big wishes too, a pinata. (He's been trying to convince me since her 1st birthday that a pinata is what she really wants.)

Now I've just got to finish all of these fur things so that I can move on to piratey things without feeling all that guilty. Watch this space!

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