Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What have I been doing? What haven't I!

I've still been working on the many costumes required for Noah et al. The butterflies were quite a quick job. Fixing stitching here and there and replacing elastic. I just have 2 more straps to replace on those and they can go back to school. The headmistress gave me some green fabric to make the crocdile and two more green tabbards (in case they have to have frogs, aparently), but it's horrible to work with :( It reminds me of jelly. Now that may seem like a strange description, but every time I touch it, it moves. Unfortunately, not like jelly, it does not return to it's starting position. So, I've put it in a bag, and I'm pretending I don't need to work with it. Until I have no choice.

I can't make the kangaroo costumes because I need to take a trip to the shop and it's just not happening at the moment. It'll have to be the weekend. I can't make the parrot costumes because the headmistress has got the fabric and I wont be able to pick it up until tomorrow. So that means animals are taking a break.

Instead I've been organising the bits and pieces I have for a friends hen weekend coming up on the 27th. I've got some decorations, but I've been making pink glittery 'L' plates with some funky sticky back plastic. That's right Blue Peter, sticky back plastic now comes in "funky"!

I've got some tags to make (that match the invitations I made a month or so ago) for gifts, because we're playing a little warm up game. We've asked her husband to be a list of questions which we will ask her what he answered, and every time she gets one right, she gets a gift. On the girls invites, we were each given a theme of gift to bring. Mine was " a gift for luck". There's also a gift for pampering, a gift for friendship and a gift for the wedding night. So I need to make matching tags that say what the theme of that particluar gift is. I've also been doing these....

It may look like I've taken this picture on an arty angle, but actually, I'm just trying not to get the messy kitchen junk surrounding my ironing board in the photo! Anyway, these will then turn into these....

And from there, I swear (hopefully) they will get better. Then I'll take some pics of the finished product. I also have the t-shirts to finish. I'm using t-shirt inkjet printer paper. Then I just need to put the goody bags together to take with us.

Toddler group was really quiet this week. I think it's the good weather making the mum's decide to go to the parks and make the most of it. We did make fathers day cards this week though. Here's a few finished ones. We had cut out people shapes and various cut out clothes and bits of wool and fur for hair so that they could create their own version of their dads and grandads. I love the bald beardy one in the green top! I can't say which (if any) are Alex's on here, in case someone's being nosey!

Further plans for the week? It's our village flower festival this weekend and all the village groups create a flower display to go in the church. I'm doing the toddler group one (again) so I'll be making that friday evening after work and picking Alexandra up. I had the kids at Toddler group decorate butterflies to go on wires in amongst the flowers, and we're doing a rainbow theme. In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but it could go very very wrong. A florist I am not. I'll also have to turn my attention to Alex's Ringmaster costume soon. I've never known a June be so busy! I'll keep you posted.

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