Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Look at me go!

Woo hoo! I must have had a holiday because that energy is back! I have actually had a holiday. We spent a lovely (hot and sunny) week in Woolacombe just the 3 1/2 of us :)

We stayed on a holiday site in an apartment. The site had loads to do (indoor bowling, amusements, and indoor pool and 4 outdoor pools, kids clubs, caberet, climbing wall, pottery painting cafe etc etc) but because the weather was so nice we went out and abuot loads.

We spent a day looking around Woolacombe and on the beach.

The Monday we visited Coombe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. We've been there before, but it just gets better every time! It was the most expensive admission we paid all trip, but it was also the one that was most worth it! We fed Wallabies, sat in the Meerkat enclosure with them running around us, watched the sealion show (but had we have known they now do swims with them, we would have booked it for Mr Bogert), and we fed raisins to the ringed tailed lemurs who were so gentle! Fantastic day.

We spent a morning on site so that the small person could go to the kids club at least once, then we took her to the pottery painting cafe and she painted a pink dragon. The afternoon we spent at Lynton and Lynmouth. I got my crafty fix by visiting the local craft place that is in the old Methodist Church in Lynton. Mr Bogert bought me a bunny! Yay! He's called Buttons, but I haven't taken a picture of him yet, so I'll show you next time. The small person also got a bunny who is called Parsnip.

We took a ride down on the Victorian pump lift and had yummy fish and chips on the sea front. We looked around the shops of Lynton and had local ice cream. So Yummy! (Yummy again? Everything was yummy :D)

Wednesday we visited Watermouth Castle (but forgot to charge the camera). We took my sister here once BSP (Before Small Person) and thought we'd see what Alex made of it. We managed to fill another whole day there and I beat Mr Bogert at Mini Golf, which is always worth a mention. Alexandra's favourite ride was The Snail Trail. She Made Mr Bogert go round twice!

Thursday we took a trip up to Mortehoe but were really disapointed to see that the place we've always been for cream teas in the past wasn't doing them anymore. We had a quick drink and stopped into a lovely little shop (I forgotten the name) and I got new egg cups. Now that may not sound exciting, but they're Giselle Graham, and they have little dots on :D Well they cheered me up, anyway. We spent another chunk of the day at the beach again.

Friday (our last day *sob*) we went to Exmoor Zoo. Never been before, but I really quite enjoyed it. (I didn't enjoy the huge school trip that was visiting, but it could have been worse). We got to hold 2 snakes, a King somthing or other, and a milk snake. We also stroked a goose, a really big duck, a guinea pig called Jeff, a giant bunny (well it looked giant sitting on the small person's lap), a polecat and a skunk. Phew! We had just enough time after finishing there to run over to Mortehoe again for the weekly craft fair. It's only small, but they had some lovely things. They sell the items so cheaply for the amount of time and work that must go into them. The small person bought herself a knitted Jelly baby (who is sleeping in bed with her at this very moment) and I bought a microwave heat pack for my nan for her birthday next month. I could have bought plenty more :)

The day we were coming home, we woke up to rain. We were so lucky!

So, I haven't been back to work yet. That's tomorrow. Also, half term, so a break from Toddler Group too. I feel rested and energised and I like it.

As well as the housework today and getting things ready for tomorrow, I've had a go at wet felting which I've wanted to try for ages, and I liked it (and didn't even mess it up!) so I'll be trying that again with a few more things I think. I've also made 2 squares for the lovely Mrs Woo for her project (I just hope they're not too late!) and I've made soup for tomorrows lunch AND some homemade lemonade with some left over lemons! Yay me. Look at me go!

I will produce photographic evidence to support my claims of productivity, but in the mean time, hope you enjoy the piccies from our lovely trip away!

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a top ten lifetime holiday! Wonderful! And omg, homemade lemonade is one of my all time favorites!
    You're def not too late for my blanket project, it'll be an on going thing for sure me thinks. I might have to post a reminder! I've started doing all sorts of crazy sizes for it! It's gonna be fun! I can't wait until it's done and I can post photos with all the different squares! Woo Hoo! Thank you! It's wonderful to have you back in the blog world! I've missed you!
    x x x