Friday, 26 August 2011

Jet Packs and Finding Planets

Another trip out with the small people in a bid to occupy them this summer holiday. Today we went into town and visited The Herbert Art Gallery. This isn't our first trip here this holiday, they have been rotating craft activites based on different weekly themes, so we've tried to get to a few of them.

If you have kids, and you're close by or ever visiting this way, you really should try and visit this Art Gallery. It's very family friendly and they always have extra activities over the school breaks at no charge (and it's free admission to the gallery, so, free day out!).

Alexandra followed thier 50th anniversary trail today, starting in the history gallery. She was fascinated with the ribbon weaving and really interested in finding out about the Coventry Blitz.

Selections of Ribbons on display.

War Toys - The Train is made from recycled objects (tin can engine, cotton reel chimney). The patterns were printed in The Daily Mirror newspaper to show how to make toys from old material. The dolls house was made by German prisoners in Coventry for a girl named Gloria, who's family had been kind to them.

As you move through the gallery, you move through the years. I couldn't help but think of Mrs Woo when I saw these exhibits! She's the retro-vintage queen :)

Crown decorating suggestion postcards.

Household items and an advertisment for Hillman cars (Hillman Imp) and Bendix washing machines.

The trail took us from there to the jaquard loom, then the sculpture gallery, the masterpiece paintings, and finally into elements.

Jacquard loom. 

In the Sculpture Gallery.

There is a gallery room filled with a play world called "Wild Worlds" for the children to explore. It's theme has changed each week in line with the gallery theme. This week it was space (as in outer). The lighting, sounds, fabrics and some of the objects change in line with the theme. It's really good fun because the kids get to use their imaginations to be whatever they want to be, go where ever they want to go, and play out any idea that is in their little heads. It's also tiny people friendly; Zack gets to crawl around the whole place without anyone saying "Zacky. Noooo."

Alexandra the Armless Alien.

Wild Worlds.

After becoming aliens, finding planets and setting up restaurants on the planets (!!) we returned to Earth long enough for the small person to make a jet pack in the craft studio. (A plastic bottle, 2 toilet roll middles, holographic paper, coloured cellophane and stickers).

After all the excitement we had to go school uniform shopping. We were trawling shops for hours (literally), and I still have to get trainers, school shoes, a drink bottle, 2 long sleeve blouses, black shorts and a tracksuit! The small person did get to spend her competition prize book voucher though; she chose Funny Bones: 3 books in 1.

We love Funny Bones in our house (We being Mr Bogert and me - the nostalgic grown ups) "In a dark, dark town, there was a dark, dark street, and in the dark, dark street, there was a dark, dark house...."

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