Sunday, 21 August 2011

What a lovely holiday

Family Wishes has just returned from a lovely holiday to Woolacombe. It was extra special because it was the smaller person's very first holiday.

We stayed at the Golden Coast site (same as last year) for 7 days, but we managed to fit an awful lot into one short week!
We played pirate mini golf.

Zack went on his first rides with the Bogert Daddy (and soaked the small person on the bumper boats!)

We went to the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park where me and the small person sat in the meerkat enclosure, fed the lemurs, and the Bogert swam with Morgan the sea lion (and got a kiss).

We went swimming (another first for the smaller person), Bogert went on the wave rider twice (so much fun if you go down that way!), the small person did pottery painting and we made a footprint and hand print plate with Zack.

We went to Lynton and Lynmouth which I love because we get to go to the craft centre. I could happily spend a fortune in there! This year both the kids had a knitted dinosaur from 'Knit Wits' (I haven't been able to find a web site though). We also shopped, had fish and chips and rode the cliff top railway.
We went to the Milky Way park and rode the caterpillar rollercoaster, ran away from the Bogert in the maze, rode the train and the dodgems and saw Merlin from Britains Got Talent (which means nothing to me, because I don't watch it!).
We visited Morthoe and the craft fair they run there on Fridays. The small person bought a knitted jelly baby (like last year), a notebook, a bird feeder and some strawberry soap. We bought the smaller person a knitted bunny which is now named 'Mort' after the place he comes from.
We ate waaaaaay too much food including a carvery at the Mill pub (on-site). The Bogert and small person did wall climbing, me and the small person went on the water walkers (I was rubbish and I still ache today!), the Bogert went on the Bungee run, and the small person went on the bungee trampoline. There was also a half-hearted atempt at pitch and put, but you know, a tee, two clubs and a ball, too much stuff to bother with for me! Crazy golf all the way :D
We also fit in bowling on-site, and went to the entertainment a few times. The small person made it on stage twice for the kids games/competitions. Once she had to repeat 'one smart fellow, he felt smart, two smart fellows they felt smart, three smart fellows, they felt smart, and the all felt smart together'. Go on, say it fast and see what comes out. Alexandra actaully managed to say it perfectly, and she was the youngest on stage.
The other time she made it on stages was one of those time where the entertainer speaks those dreaded words 'go and get one of your grown ups'. Of the Bogert trotted to copy every ridiculous dance move Alexandra could think of. He was very entertaining; the entertainer was in stitches, the adults were laughing and thinking 'thank god that's not me' and he generated quite a little fan club for himself. They won, and Billy Beachball gave him a certificate. Awww.

So, busy, busy holiday and now we're back and the reality that term time is almost upon us has hit me like a brick wall. I've been chasing up dinner money and milk money online payments, working out what uniform needs buying, and the Bogert has been fighting to regain order in madam's bedroom (do you realise we still have not moved Zachary in yet? We fear we will lose him in the abyss).
I have also been off to The Range re-stocking the craft supplies for the coming year at Toddler Group. No green paint, no large glue bottles and no paper clay though so I will have to shop elsewhere for the last bits and pieces.
You should see the wonderful things we've been doing during the summer holiday too, well, you will see once I have my photos sorted out. Hope you're all having a creative, fun sunny summer!

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