Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh you lovely, lovely people

I have a lovely warm fuzzy feeling from finally catching up with my favourite craft blogs (since last November/December time). I must admit there was much to catch up on and some posts did have to be skim-read, but oh how I love crafty people.

I knew I'd missed my crafting but I didn't realise there was actually something 'missing' until just this week with my return to blog land. I feel like me again, and I didn't even realise I wasn't me, if you know what I mean?

So, thank you all for brightening my days.
Catch up with crafting may have a humanising effect on my pre-programmed mother/student/wife-bot self, but it does mean I am purposefully ignoring how much study I still have to do.

Since October last year (about a week before Zachary was born) I have been studying with The Open University towards an English Language and Literature degree. It's been challenging, time consuming, interesting and rewarding. I completed the first of 6 modules in June, and recently recieved my pass results. That was for AA100 - The Arts Past and Present, which covered a range of humanities subjects as a sort of introduction.

I overlapped that course with my current course since February. I am studying A210 - Approaching Literature (which is the last presentation of it. It has been replaced by A230 - Reading and Studying Literature). It's very heavy on the reading side. I have completed 6 out of 7 TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignment), and have one TMA remaining which focuses on Shakespeare's Othello and Aphra Behn's The Rover. There is dread sitting in the pit of my stomach which is a result of worrying about the end of module exam, scheduled for October. I have been recieving distinction marks for assignments and I just know my exam mark will drag everything down. This is the only module of the entire degree which will require me to sit an exam. The rest all have EMAs (End of Module Assignments), which are a longer more in depth version of the TMAs.

So, happy to pretend it's not really happening :D

My small person has completed her Reception year at school and loved every minute of it. To keep her (and her mind) busy over the summer holiday we have been doing lots of activities. I will catch you up on everything, but I will start by telling you about our day today.

In our village we have The Lunt Roman Fort. Today they were making Roman Gardens, so I had booked the small person a place for the activity. Her garden is brilliant! It has a gravel path, a little house, flowers, fences and two statues. One is of Hadrian (as in Hadrian's Wall) and the other is of Vespasian (I think). She really enjoyed making it, and the staff photographed her creation in case they want to use the image.

She also made 3 Roman's to contribute towards thier 'Century of Romans', identified and sorted new and Roman items into seperate trays and ran around the Gyrus talking to her echo.

The Lunt's Century of Roman soldiers (WIP)

Sorting objects.

Zachary has been practicing his balance most of the day too.

We had lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's house (my nan and grandad) where the small person did some maths practice (which may not sound like fun, but to her, it was), and painted 2 sun-catchers. We finished the day off with a Mickey Mouse DVD.

The small person has also had some good news. She got her own post today, and who doesn't love interesting, unexpected post? It was a letter from CADAS saying she had won their colouring competition. The prize was a book voucher, so we'll be spending that tomorrow on our trip (on the bus) into town. She was very happy with herself and had to let Daddy know straight away. Even if he was hard at work earning money. Her picture will be up on the web in the next few weeks. When it appears, I'll post a link.

So, a good day. And a really sunny blue skyed day too!

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