Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy 86th Birthday

Today is my grandads 86th birthday. He always seems to get forgotten a little bit in comparison to my Nana. I think it's perhaps because he makes no move to remind anyone, whereas Nan makes a point of dropping not so subtle hints for a week or so before!

We are in the fortunate position to live in the same street as them, so we can visit as many times as we like. (My Mum lives down the other end of the road too!).

The small person made him a card:

Alexandra is all about numbers at the moment, so she insisted it had to have his age on. She used a card blank, a glitter foam pre-cut heart, a small blue feather, PVA glue and scrunched up blue tissue paper.
I made him a card:

This was made using a card blank, PVA glue, a fine liner black marker (for the strings, stitching details and 'happy birthday'), some white card cut into tiny circles (to create a clear space to write the lettering) and the patterned papers were cut from the front piece of a scrapbook paper pack (you know, where they show mini images of each of the papers).
The smaller person had help to make a card - his first ever crafting!:

Lovely messy handprinting :)
And the Bogert bought birthday cake :)

Grandpa, as he is known to the small people, has a very (very) sweet tooth, so he got some choccies too!

Happy Birthday Grandad, hope you've had the best day :)

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  1. Awww, loving the smallest person's first bit of crafting...what a clever little chap! Actually, I thought all those cards were ace, especially yours Vix; what a clever idea with the scrapbooking paper!