Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Toddler Group Tuesday - Leaf Wreaths

As we're now moving into Autumn, we have been up to a bit of leafy craft at Toddler Group.

You need:
  • card/paper plates
  • string/ribbon/yarn
  • tape
  • glue
  • tissue paper/sugar paper/coloured card/felt
  • leaf shapes/templates
First you need a base for your wreath. If you are using paper plates, cut the centre out, leaving a 2-2.5" ring. If you are using plain card, find a large dinner plate to draw around, then a smaller plate to drawn the centre circle. Cut out to give you your base. (This is something you can prepare in advance for smaller children).

Use a short length (about 6") or the string/ribbon/yarn to form a loop. Stick this to the top of your ring using tape. This is your hanger. (It is easier to do this before decorating).

For the leaf templates, you can draw your own, find some leaves from outside to draw around or go over to kids craft weekly for their latest issue which is all leaf based and has some great leaf templates.

Using your leaf templates, cut shapes out of the tissue paper/sugar paper/coloured card/felt, whichever you have chosen. We have used tissue paper including some lovely metallic gold tissue. (This again is something you can prepare in advance for smaller children like we do for our toddlers).

Glue any combination of your cut out leaves all around the ring. Make sure you cover any gaps by overlapping. Once dry, it's all set to be hung up!

Alternatives for this project could be:
  • Use real leaves that you have collected on a walk.
  • If you use a strong enough glue, other natural items could be used to decorate the wreath.
  • You could add a lovely autumn coloured bow using ribbon or raffia (which would have been my preference this time, but we didnt have any to hand).
  • If you make the circle base out of something stronger like corrugated card, you can hang things like conkers from the bottom.
I'd love to know if anyone gets around to making this with their children, especially if you try one of the alternatives or have your own different take on it. Happy crafting! :)

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  1. Thanks for the tip about the kids craft weeekly website; that'll be great for doing crafty things with my Guides and I'll pass it onto the Brownie leaders too cus I think some of the stuff would be better for smaller people than my guides. Spotted a great butterfly on there though that will be great for our display for the church window for Harvest Festival (if I can persuade the others it's a good idea!) Loving keeping up with your put me to shame! xx