Thursday, 8 September 2011

Immense Relief. Maybe.

I am relieved we have survived. What a week.

We have (almost) survived the first week back at school. The small person has lost one pinafore dress, and gone through 2 others with dirt, she has scuffed her new shoes, left her new drinks bottle on the school bus, earned 4 house points (go green house!), signed up for choir, recorders and book club (thank goodness they're lunchtime clubs!), returned to ballet and tap and swiming classes, accepted a marriage proposal and is praying that Barnaby Bear, the year one mascot, gets to come home with her this weekend. Actually, it's more like she's certain he will, hopefully she wont be too dissappointed if it's not her turn. That's a busy week for an almost 6 year old.

The smaller person is really pushing the bounds of his current mobility and I fear it wont be long before he's motoring around the house on 2 instead of 4 legs. Oh boy. In the mean time, we've caged him ;D

Look at that sweet, sad little face! How can I not give in to that?

He is NOT a fan.

I have just this afternoon submitted that dreaded Literature assignment. It has been my every thought this week, it's great to finally be free of it. Othello, Willmore: the rover, and masculinity. There was just far too much material to work with for my comfort. I have this problem when writing essays where there are several sources and entire texts to work with: I begin with a clear idea, which develops and snowballs out of control, until what I have written on the page is a mess of ideas only barely covering the initial ideas I had. If I have something smaller to work with like a poem or a set passage taken from a book or play, I find it much easier to deal with, less overwhelming. I'm not left at the end thinking I've missed so much out. I'm less than happy with this essay, but there is still that relief knowing that it is done and handed in. Added relief in the fact that it is the final assignment for this course! Yay!

Oh, but wait, there's still that blasted exam...

I'm going to keep the reading light tomorrow to give myself a bit of a break, then I have a day school on Saturday related to preparation for the exam - then the relief I feel right now will be washed away entirely to be replaced by complete and utter terror.

Sunday I'm taking the day off from study for a family photo shoot with Mr Bogert and then he's treating me to an evening of Laser Quest. Let off some steam and have fun shooting my husband and other appropriate adults with shiny lights :D Hopefully Mr Bogert will let me share a picture or two from Sundays photo session.

Monday it begins again, so the relaxed feeling I have right now is short lived. I'm going to make the most of it by chilling out in front of the TV with a hot drink and some crochet, and hopefully a Bogert when he returns from his Parish Council meeting (ummm, yeah, that happened during my blog absence too: Councillor Bogert. It's possible they don't call him that.). Happy Thursday :)

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