Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympics 2012

So, what did we think of that amazing opening ceremony? I was a little worried it would all be a little too weird and out-there for everyone, and would show GB up, but it was just great! We let the Small Person stay up late to watch it. She lasted right until the last 20 minutes, when she asked if she could go to bed - poor thing! She said her favourite bits were the Children's Literature bit with Great Ormond Street Hospital and also the music and dancing through the decades (with the house in the background). I think I would have to agree with her there, although the industrial revolution bit was quite impressive.

So far through the Olympic coverage we've been watching quite a bit of the swimming because Mr Bogert is big on swimming, he used to compete as a teenager. We've caught a bit of the archery, equestrian and gymnastics too.

Before the school holidays started, the Small Person entered a competition at school to win Olympic tickets. The school had been given 10 tickets to the Olympic football, and so there were 5 pairs available for students to win. Alexandra had to work out which Olympic events the Olympic Event Symbols represented (Olympic and Paralympic), so when she brought it home and said she wanted to enter, we sat down with the laptop and did a bit of investigating. She was very good at recognising and matching up the symbols we found and filled the whole sheet in. Anyway, the last week of term, the winners were announced in assembly and presented with their tickets.

Alexandra won 2 tickets to the Women's football, New Zealand V Cameroon, and oh my gosh was she excited!

So Tuesday 31st July in the evening, Mr Bogert and the Small Person set off in the Spaceship to see the match. Alexandra decided she was going to support Cameroon, and so Mr Bogert decided to support New Zealand. New Zealand won 3-1. They also performed the Haka, which cheered Mr Bogert up (he's not a big football fan).

Unfortunately, I have no proper pictures to show because of the strict rules and regulations regarding sharing images taken at Olympic events :(
(these are taken at the football ground, but as you can see, before pretty much every other ticket holder arrived!).

The Small Person really enjoyed the game, and has been watching the Olympic coverage on TV with the rest of us. It has also kick-started Mr Bogert's excercise section of the brain into signing up to the Coventry Water Polo team (he used to play a LONG time ago) and after his first session, he's super happy to be playing again (even if he did injure his finger).

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