Thursday, 2 August 2012

Picnic and Plastic Golf

We were due to head down to the Lunt Fort for the day yesterday, but we were slow to get going and the Smaller Persons pushchair isn't working all that well, it's really difficult to push. I really didn't fancy venturing that far with a pushchair free toddler, so a change of plan was called for.

Instead, we took a picnic, the picnic blanket, some bubbles and two new mini plastic gold sets we picked up for the Small People from Asda for a bargain couple of pounds each over to the Millenum Field, which is just out the endof our street and across the road. Not far at all, so I managed to wrestle the pushchair and it's bendy frameand wonky wheels over there.

I also took my course books, alot of good that did me. I think I managed to read the same paragraph around five times and took no understanding of the content away with me.

We had a lovely time though, and Mr Bogert met us over there once he got home from work. Summer Holidays are possibly my most favourite thing :)

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