Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Return to Regular Scheduling - Toddler Group Tuesday

This day has crept up on me pretty fast. One minute I was all ready for a jam-packed Summer Holiday of fun with my Small People, the next thing I know, I'm packing the Small Person off on the school bus to her new Year 2 teacher with newly bought and labelled uniform.

She had a great day and seems to like her new teacher (which is great, because her last teacher is hard to top!). She's already done all of her homework and practiced her spellings.

She also went to her first class with Baginton Swimming Club after tea. An hour long session at the pool she has her regular lessons at. The bonus is, she gets to play for the last 10-15 minutes on all of the huge floats. She thought she looked like she was on a boat, I think she looked more like a big smiley frog on a lily pad :)

With a return to our term time routine, we also had our fisrt day back at Toddler Group today. As expected, it was quiet, it always is for the first couple of weeks back whilst people get back into their own term time routines.

I've drawn up an equipment rota for this school year so that everything gets a fair airing! The sand table even had an outing today.

For crafts we made lily collages with tissue paper. This is not my own original idea, but came from a DK Children's Art book that the Small Person borrowed from the library.

You will need:
- a sheet of white paper
- glue
- tissue paper in light blue, dark blue, pink, white, lilac and green

You could try the same technique with different flower types, for example, a field of poppies, bluebell woods, daisies and dandelions in the grass etc.

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