Saturday, 8 September 2012

Baby Girl Blanket

It's all good news around here lately - more congratulations to shout out to our friends Gemma and Stu. Their baby girl has just made her debut into the world.

I'm being a little bit rubbish today - I cannot find a photograph of Stu and Gemma together, so you get individuals instead :)
I've been working on another blanket knowing that they were expecting a baby girl. I started it as soon as I finished the last one, and made it on a similar style, just substituting the blue stripe for a pink one, and the eyelet edging for a girlier frilly shell edge.

I sat in bed finishing the last bit of the border and weaving in the ends before I went to sleep, and I just thought I'd have a quick look on Facebook to see if anyone had anything interesting to share, and there was the announcement and photo of a very fresh and well looking new mummy, and a tiny little bundle. She was an early arrival, so I wasn't expecting to need the blanket finished so soon. My crochet-subconscious must have known and made me work faster! It is also the speediest labour I've heard of amongst our friends and relatives, especially for a first baby.

While I was trying to be prepared for the manic months I have ahead, I had also made this card (a few months ago) ready for baby's arrival. It's just a simple pink card blank, a large stamp printed with red ink then embossed with clear embossing powder, finished off with a tiny pink 3D star sticker.

Congratulations Gemma and Stu, and welcome to your little girl, Evelyn!

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