Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Autumn Trees

This week at toddler group we've created some mini autumn masterpieces using finger-painting and collage.

To make these autumn trees you will need:
- paint the colour of autumn leaves (think red, orange, yellow, brown, gold, or any inbetween shades)
- a sheet of A4 paper or card (we've used blue sugar paper because the autumn colours contrast really well with the blue)
- brown collage pieces
- glue
- gold glitter
- a pen or pencil

Begin by drawing the shape of your tree trunk and branches. This was pre-done for our toddlers.
Next, glue your own collage pieces all over the shape you have drawn.
Using your fingers and the coloured paint, print fingerprint 'leaves' all over the top of the tree.
Whilst the fingerprint leaves are still wet, sprinkle with glitter for a lovely autumn shimmer.

Alternatives for the colours:
  • Substitute the autumn colour paint for silver paint or iridescent glitter glue for a frosty tree - include some snowflake confetti on your background and use a little white or silver glitter.
  • Switch the autumn colours for fresh greens and use buttons or pom poms for fruit.
  • Cover the branches in scrunched up tissue paper 'blossoms' in shades of pink and peach. (we've done thi a few time in the past)
  • If you have time, you could make a tree picture for each season to make a larger piece of art, or even to use on a calendar for 2013.
Alternatives for the trunk:
  • One large brown hand print with the fingers forming branches
  • Drawing around your hand and arm on brown paper/card/fabric/foam etc and cutting it out to stick on
  • Cutting your tree shape from some textured material such as corrugated card and printing the shape and texture onto your tree picture with brown paint.

This is the Smaller Person with his masterpiece (he was more interested in the paint and glitter). He's so proud that he can't keep still!

So here's his masterpiece in a little less blurry form :)

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