Sunday, 22 August 2010

Feeling productive

The mission to keep the small person occupied and enjoying herself is still in full swing. Friday we had fun in the house. Lots of games, time on the DS and some drawing and writing numbers practice (she's getting very good).

Saturday Mr Bogert took her swimming (I sat on the sidelines and watched) and we also signed her up for her first swimming lessons which start in September. After swimming we went and bought new shoes for her and the most beautiful party dress (all for a wedding we're going to next weekend) and we had lunch in a cafe. She's a real girl when it comes to shopping. She loves having money spent on herself!

Today Mr Bogert decided we should all pay a visit to Jam Jam Boomerang, which is a big children's indoor play area just down the road from us. She's definitely not bored yet (although the trip to B&Q - big DIY store - wasn't so well recieved!)

So in between the madness that is getting ready for baby and entertaining the small person I have been sneaking in odd bits of crafting :)

Mostly I have lots of works in progress which aren't that interesting until they take shape, but in the last 2 days I have actually finished 2 things and made a good start on something that's actually just for fun (so maybe I should be concentrating on the more urgent things? Nope! I can do everything, surely?).

Firstly I finished one of those much neglected baby crochet blankets I started a while back. Alas, I still can't show you until Little Wish makes and appearance because it'll give the whole secret away! (boy/girl)

I can however show you the small person's new school PE bag which I'm really quite pleased with. Do you remember how I said I really liked her little Princess drawing on her home decorated t-shirt? Well I copied it onto some lovely soft calico, embroidered her name down the side and turned the whole thing into a drawstring bag. It's lined with matching pink polycotton and the small person chose the ribbon herself from my ribbon bucket (yep, I keep it all in a bright pink bucket).

I'm so pleased with how it turned out, I'll be making her a second one for her school wash bag (she has to have her own special wash things and cream because of her eczema). Something I should maybe think about adding to my Folksy shop?

And last but not least (and not finished, but worst bit out of the way) is my entry for Melissa from Checkout Girl's Embroidereads contest. Melissa creates these absolutely gorgeous little felt masterpieces in embroidery hoops, but she also enjoys writing (and is very good at it), so has come up with a contest that covers both. Find the details here at her blog.

So I have the main part complete. The poem is written and now embroidered (again onto calico), now I just need to add my little decoration ideas, but I've found I'm lacking certain embroidery floss colours that I really want to use, so I'll just have to hang on until I've bought them.

But, as you can see, I feel like I'm getting somewhere when I can tick things off my list, so I'm feeling very productive. A little more sewing/crochet this evening should get me well on the way to some more finished items :)

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