Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The hiccup

As mentioned at the very end of my last post, we've had a hiccup that has unsettled, well, everything.
All my big plans, all my wonderful ideas, everything put on hold thanks to an unexpected stay in hospital :(

I was going to post some catch up info about what I'd been up to with the small person keeping her occupied over the holiday and also making the most of our baby and school free time together, but I woke up last Wednesday morning with a pain on my upper right abdomen. I'd had a bad night's sleep, so I thought I'd probably managed to pull a muscle tossing and turning (I've done that before).

So I carried on as normal through the day. Mr Bogert still at home not very well (slightly better though), and me and my favourite small person's plan for the day was to have a spa day. Or, should I say, she was having a spa day, I was spa staff. (pics to follow in a future post). But as the day went on, the pain was getting worse.

By late afternoon I could barely move around the house, sitting wasn't good, I couldn't lie completely flat. I tried my GP surgery, surprise surprise I couldn't get through, so I called my midwife but that alternated between being engaged or ringing out, so my last resort was to phone the labour ward just to ask some advice. "Should I make an appointment with my GP?", "Should I just rest?", or "should I go somewhere and get checked out?"

They asked me to come in to the labour ward just to be checked and be safe. Still convinced they're going to say I've pulled a muscle and the baby's position is making it worse, we all pile in the car and discuss what we're going to do when we get back from the hospital.

After all the checks and baby monitoring, the doc says "I think you have a kidney infection. We're going to keep you over night." Fantastic. My temperature was high and I hadn't even noticed, my heart was racing, again, me, oblivious, and I just didn't feel ill (although I was far from alright -I could barely walk and bending or getting myself in and out of bed was out of the question). It was just this one very bad pain. So not impressed. I had to have IV fluids and antibiotics as well as drinking gallons of water and juice. I did make some friends on the ward though.

They finally freed me on Friday evening with more antibiotics and instructions to keep drinking lots etc etc, bla bla.

Saturday I was in bed all day feeling very sorry for myself with an almighty headache and feeling dehydrated, then I've gradually improved each day to the point where I was able to take Alex out for a walk this afternoon. Still a bit weak, but much more like myself now.

The worst part is last Thursday I had big plans to take Alex on the bus to the art gallery in town, do some free craft stuff there, then have lunch and give her some spending money to shop with. Tuesday I had planned a similar trip into town to do another free craft thing at the art gallery, then on to the transport museum where we were going to do mods and rockers fabric painting. Gutted. (I think the last one was more for me than her!)

Plus side of "the hiccup"? Mr Bogert cooked an ace Sunday dinner for us all and all that water I've been drinking has made my skin look heaps better!
Back to regular programming tomorrow :)


  1. i can't believe you were walking around with a kidney infection! i had one once and i was in agony and i had such a high fever i was sweating and then had chills and felt like death! you must be one tough cookie!

  2. I honestly didn't realise I was ill. I was just so convinced that the pain was a pulled muscle. I was barely walking by the end of the day.