Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy anniversary to Mr Lovely

3 years ago today at this precise moment in time, we were running late for dinner at our wedding :)
We both had to admit though, with everything happening at the moment, neither one of us remembered. The only thing that stopped it passing by was my mother in law asking if we needed a babysitter for tonight. "What for?" was our reply. Ooops!

Anyway, We shall be spending some grown up time together getting a quick bite to eat then going to see Inception at the cinema.

Mr Bogert has been in work all day, so I took the small person on a shopping trip into town on the bus. We bought some more of her school uniform, we bought some more boring baby things like bottle teats, Alexandra bought a few special presents just from her for the baby, We bought and ate lunch and most importantly we bought an anniversary card for my lovely husband.

I'm now going to get a little bit of sewing done before he arrives home. I can't very well abandon him for my craft things on our anniversary now can I?

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  1. What lovely wedding pics :) Happy Anniversary to you both! xx