Monday, 23 August 2010

Wash Bag

The school wash bag is complete. I slightly altered the small person's original drawing to add a scuba mask and some flippers, and I used blue shades with the calico this time.

She certainly wont be getting her bags mixed up with anyone elses, and she'll easily be able to tell which is for PE and which is for washing. Feeling very pleased with myself :) Another job ticked off the list.

I also finally found my bias tape, so have labelled the squares I crocheted for Mrs Woo and so they will be posted shortly :) Better late than never I hope? (AW - Alexandra's Wishes)

I also added a few inches to the second baby blanket that I had started then neglected. Hopefully I'll be able to get that finished in the next couple of weeks. I have to snatch little bits of time here and there, and the crochet tends to only get done as I sit in bed. Because I've been so wiped lately, there hasn't been much sitting in bed, just plenty of (restless) sleeping.

Completing these projects is making me feel like I'm getting somewhere, just so long as I don't start thinking about all the housework I haven't done, the packing for the holiday I haven't even given a thought to, the major DIY works just around the corner, or how incredibly close the small person's first day of school is (and how I'm not ready for it).

Much painting, stamping and drawing has taken place today thanks to some lovely neighbours of ours who gave Alexandra some art supplies. She's been very entertained all day (which has enabled me to get that wash bag finished fairly quickly). She's now having a rest and watching some Dogtanian before bed.

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  1. I've still not managed to give Mrs Woo my square either! Though I'm planning on that being achieved this weekend with any luck. Good to hear that Dogtanian is still providing entertainment! :-) xx