Sunday, 30 October 2011

70th Tea Party

Mr Bogert's mum turns 70 this Thursday. We had planned to do a surprise party for her and even booked the village hall over a year ago.

She had started to say though that she didn't feel like a big party. Then everything else came along: my exam, Rob's promotion and work trips, Zack's opertation. There just isn't enough time in the day anymore for anything.

We did still have the room booked though, so we thought perhaps if she didn't want a huge night time disco party, she might like a little afternoon tea party with some of her closest friends. This was arranged on Tuesday - nothing like giving yourself plenty of time!

The table.

My lovely new cake stand bought by Mr Bogert's mum :)

Pretty flowers and balloons.

She chose her own food and invited whoever she wanted. We reused the birthday bunting from Zack's birthday, bought a lovely bunch of flowers for a table centre, and a bunch of 3 helium balloons.

The smaller person making the rounds and enjoying the freedom.

Mr Bogert's Mum and my Nan.

Taking a tea (water) break. It's hard work toddling around a room so big you know...

We bought all of the food from Costco (gotta love that place!): sandwich platters, pizza, bbq chicken legs, muffins, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, mini cream desserts (things like eclairs), some alcohol including wine, cola and lemonade, squash, water and plenty of tea and coffee to go around. Mr Bogert bought a pre-made cake and we used some of the leftover sparklers from Zachosaurus' birthday.

The one and only photo of me from the whole event (Yes, I am. Look - there in the background. Through the hatch in the wall, doing something in the kitchen.)

The whole table (there's my empty seat on the end next the small person).

Mr Bogert with cake and sparklers :)

Mr Bogert's mum and sister

It was just a lovely relaxed small gathering. I hope she enjoyed herself, we did.

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