Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Sneaky Peek...

Halloween's just around the corner and we really haven't had a huge amount of time to get costumes ready this year. I've cheated and bought a few accessories for the small person (what she'll wear with it is undecided). Can you guess what she is...?

I was a bit stuck for the smaller person. I had a look at a few cheap supermarket costumes, but the ones for his age group were just horrid. All the baby/toddler ones were just really cheap looking (see through plastic fabric - ugh!).

So I thought, I'll just have to make one for Zack. I thought I'd make a costume the same way I made some animal costumes for the small person's nursery class a few years ago (pre-blogging), and also this little bunny costume Zack won the May Fair fancy dress competition in. I thought little black bat!

But, things did not go according to plan. I don't have time to go out to the shop for black fabric and I couldn't find mine in the loft, but I did find a couple of beach towels I bought on sale some time last year. Blue bats? Ummm, maybe not. So what do you think he is...?

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