Sunday, 2 October 2011

Just to let you know...

you really haven't missed a thing.

I'm in full-on revision mode for my final exam for A210 Approaching Literature with the OU. I have not been a participant in life much these last few weeks. Mr Bogert is taking it all rather well considering he is now main bread-winner, cook, pot washer, cleaner, father and mother. I think he's storing the brownie points up for future lie-ins and roast dinner requests. That's fine, he deserves them. (He's even been tidying up the garden, shed and conservatory today.)

I have also been a bit ill so I wasn't even at toddler group last week. Painful cotton wool brain is not good for absorbing revision information :(

My exam is on the 11th October, so after that horrid thing is out of the way, I will be back to show you:
  • Zack's birthday invitations (OK, so I have done something in the last few weeks other than revise)
  • Zack's first birthday party (which is next Sunday 9th October)
  • My beautiful flowers from a neighbour
  • Some family photos
  • Zack's operation (which you will have no clue about, but we have had a date for)
  • Plans for Alexandra's birthday
  • Bits and peices from toddler group
  • Halloween festivities
So, unless you would like me to stick around and explain how Jane Austen uses irony to throw a critical light on society of the 19th century, the general conventions associated with realist and gothic genres, how difficult Romanticism is to define and why nature and childhood are important themes to Romantic poets, or how Wilmore from Aphra Behn's the Rover represents the stock rake character of Restoration comedies, I should go, with a promise to return after my exam with less literary things, and more crafty things on my mind.

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  1. I loved the invite to Zach's birthday bash..It's ace! Good luck with your exam too honey bunch :-) xx