Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen

All is silent here now at the Wishes house: the children have gone home with their parents, our small people are washed, watered and in bed. The decorations can come down tomorrow.

Some decorations at my Mum's house.

Ceol, Teddy (the skeleton brothers) and Ethan (the cutest pumpkin in the patch) came to visit for halloween. Ceol and Alexandra decorated some wooden signs with glitter glue (they should be dry in time for next Halloween), weput Scared Shrekless on and got the popcorn out (but nobody watched it - they were having too much fun building the tallest mega blocks tower they could) and we had pizza and garlic bread.

Ceol's "Boo".

The Small Person's "Boo" (bit heavy handed with the glitter glue!).

It was all a bit manic actually! But they all seemed to have fun.

Mum's pumpkin.

We went out trick or treating to Grandma & Grandpa's house, neighbours across from them, neighbours further down the road that Mr Bogert does photography with, Nana & Brian's house, then we trekked all the way up the road to Grandad's house (my Dad) on the say so of my sister, only to find nobody at home :(

Trick or Treat!

We did call on some new neighbours when we came back into our street though (they had decorations out). We always make a point of only calling at pre-arranged houses or houses that have decorations. That way we never annoy, offend or scare anyone who doesn't want to take part. Trick or Treating really isn't as big over here as it is in the States. Shame, 'cos we really enjoy it.

Pumpkin masks from when the Small Person went to toddler group.

We had our usual decorations out: tea light jars (old baby food jars covered with orange and yellow tissue paper and glue), our bungee bats we made at toddler group a few years ago, Mr Bogert's Skeleton, my Pumpkin stack ornament, some printed bunting, glowy the bedroom window ghost and the pumpkin lights for the windows and door canopy. I'm sorry to say, we didn't carve pumpkins, we simply didn't have the time, and they had sold out anyway (no pumpkin soup!) and we also have not added to the decorations this year either handmade or bought. Note from the teacher: Try harder next year...

Costumes, did you guess? Auntie Heather guessed the smaller persons: he was a Zachosaurus!

It was just the perfect choice with that towel I found. I also used a sheet of bluey (it's a technical word dontcha know) felt for the tummy patch, and a sheet of bright green felt for all of the spikes. It's not lined, but the towelling gives enough to just turn the edges and stitch as normal. the only part that need stuffing was the tail, the boddy was just puffy from the thickness of the fabric gathered with the elastic hem. He wore it with a green long sleeved t-shirt and some darker green jogging bottoms.

"Dinosaurs say Raaaaarrr...!"

His bonnet/hood type thing was huge. This was simply because he refused to stay still long enough for measuring or fitting, so I just had to make it big so I knew it would definitely fit!

But, did anybody guess the small person costume? She was a little devil (minus a tail - 'cos I forgot).

The leggings came from Primark, the top is her Wonder Woman costume top, the skirt was made with a balck tutu bought from the £1 shop with some added red net from the market (£1.30/m), the horns and trident were a set again from £1 shop, and the wings were yet another £1 shop purchase. The gloves/wrist warmers are 2 different pairs (plain red pair and black fishnet pair) worn together bought from Wilkinsons and she was finished off with some red and yellow face paint over the tops of her arms up her neck onto her face and around her hairline (leaving the centre of her face clear to decorate the eyes and lips seperately).

Detail of skirt with extra red net.

Detail of layered wrist warmers.

Detail of horns.

I also used some orange hairspray on the wisps of hair ends sticking out and then all around the edge of her hairline to blend with the face paint. Considering it was kind of made up as we went along, I thought she looked pretty good.

Eating her hard earned treats.

Devil girl and Zachosaurus.

The Small Spooky People.

The Smaller Person didn't have a clue what was going on, but seemed to think it was great fun, the Small Person wants to be a green alien next year...


  1. Aww!Alexandra looks fab! Very impressed with your homemade costume skills, even with added accessories! As for Zachasaurus-loving the bottle of milk with his costume in his pictures :)He is far too cute!

  2. Thanks Liz - unortunately that boy is inseperable from his bottle. Trust me, we're trying!