Friday, 21 October 2011

All about the boy

We are home safe after our hospital stay, but we don't want to talk about that now, we want gaze back over the past 12 months, the amazing growth of my little wish and the journey we have taken to get to where we are right now.

It simply has not sunk in that my little man is now one. No longer a baby (although he never seemed to be a baby long), but a walking, talking, little person with his own thoughts, personality, likes, dislikes, habits and everything else that makes him an individual. Even the small person said "Is Zack a baby now he can walk?" I had to answer he's not really a baby any more, but a toddler. She's been going round telling everyone that he's a toddler. A big boy.

The year has passed far too quickly. I remember being able to savour moments of the small person's first year, the smaller person's has been slotted in around family life, work and study, but looking back, we've had plenty of fun. And he's such a happy, relaxed little soul.

We went trick or treating, to Auntie Steph's 21st birthday party, to a big bonfire party at someone's house, to Alexandra's super-hero party, started going to toddler group, went on a Christmas fancy dress pub crawl, had a lovely family christmas, went to the panto and saw Santa, welcomed his new little baby friends into the world, celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday, took a couple of trips to Scotland, went on holiday to Woolacombe, had lots of day trips to the art gallery, Kenilworth Castle and other places, had a lovely christening and finally, a fantastic first birthday party (more on that next time).

So he can walk. He's wobbly, but he takes every step with either a deep look of concentration, or if he sees me or his daddy watching, with the biggest, proudest cheesy grin you've ever seen!

He loves Waybuloo, and Nok Tok is his favourite. He can say Nok Tok. If I ask where Nok Tok is (his toy) he points and says "Is-air". If I ask him to get Nok Tok he shakes his head and grins at me. This boy knows his own mind. His first word was "Mama", his second word was "bum" - this resulted with me being greeted every morning with "Mama bum" as he hits his full nappy demanding a change.

He adores his big sister. She is his favourite play-thing. He finds her hilarious, much to her delight, I mean who wouldn't love an appreciative, captive audience? He chases her around and she runs away giggling, just allowing enough space not to be caught, but to still keep him interested in the chase. When he does catch her, he pulls her hair. This to him is a sign of affection (I know, we're working on it) and even though it hurts (and one time he actually pulled a big tuft out of her scalp) she takes it very well and maturely tells him "No, Zacky. Gentle."

He has a sweet tooth. I can't imagine where he got that from (Mr Bogert)...
He will always take the fruit pot or yoghurt or cake if there's any on offer. He picks at his savoury food until he thinks he has a better offer. He is far too independent to allow us to spoon feed him, but not coordinated enough to do it himself. This requires lots of patience and finger food!

He is an explorer. He would rather be active, walking, crawling, climbing on everything. He hates being strapped in his car seat or pushchair, but calms down as soon as we move and he has new sights to see. He loves going to toddler group so that he can escape the baby area and go and play on the see-saw and other older toys. He loves staring out of our living room window. It faces down the full length of the street and we have a good view of everything. He is a nosey neighbour. He is not a sit down and craft or read a story child. This does not concern me (ask me again when he's 3 and still not showing any interest - only kidding!) because I'm sure when he's finished developing this side of him, he will have time for the quieter things. Alexandra was the opposite, so when it came to the physical stuff her nursery friends were doing, she seemed less capable, but she got there and she can hold her own in sports day, at swim classes and dance.

He is like the small person in the sense that they both have confidence and determination. If neither wants to do something, they simply wont. If they want to do something you would rather they wouldn't, they will still make every attempt to get their way. There is stubborness, and occasionally tantrums involved in this boundary testing, sometimes even shouting or growling as little fists get thumped against the floor or table. This doesn't worry me either. I'm glad they have confidence, the other bits we can work on as they grow.

The amusing thing about their personalities is their one striking difference: Alexandra is a typical silly giggly girl in all the best ways, she has a silly sense of humour, loves acting in silly ways and does all of this giggling about everything. Zachary is rather more serious. That's not to say he's not filled with laughter, you just have to work harder for it. He seems to think more. I swear sometimes it's like the thoughts running through his head are "You want me to laugh at that? Really? How old are you? I'm 12 months old and even I know that's just not funny." If he could roll his eyes, he would.

His vocabulary is coming along nicely, but what he lacks in words, he makes up in enthusiasm, facial expression, body language and increased volume when you don't listen the first time!

He is a true Mummy's boy especially when he is tired or not feeling himself. He does recognise that Daddy is all about fun though, so his face lights up when Mr Bogert gets home from work. The reason Daddy is all about the fun, is because technically Daddy is only a couple of years older than him. The eternal child within Mr Bogert is very strong. This will either have the effect of ageing me early (having 3 children to keep an eye on), or keep me young for longer!

He loves songs. His current favourite is "Little Peter Rabbit's got a fly upon his nose" he does the flapping actions. His old favourites were "Jig Jog" and "Mmm, Mmm, said the little green frog". He still likes them, but loves peter rabbit. When he was born he loved Dean Martin. We used to play the CD all the time to calm him when he was upset. Good old Dean...

Zack has 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom, 4 on the top. His hair is very long, dirty-blond and curly. We don't intend to cut it any time soon. He has rosey cheeks and has kept his blue eyes, like me. His sister and Daddy have green/brown eyes. But he did inherit his Daddy's thick long lashes, just like his sister. He has big square shaped hands and lovely chunky feet that have a very high instep. His belly button is neither an outie or and innie, it's somewhere in between which makes him unique in the Wishes house in this respect. He still has lovely chunky baby thighs which are very very ticklish! He is also ticklish under his chin, under his arms, along his ribs and under his feet. His laughter is infectious.

Do you know what can make me laugh every time? He has this face he pulls. He grins, sticks out his chin, slightly off-set, so he's all teeth, scrunches up his eyes and wrinkles up his nose. It's a funny face, and he knows the reaction he will get if he pulls it, so he does it frequently. It's not just a funny face though, it's a face that reminds me why I love being a mum, and it fills my heart with love and happy thoughts.

I love my little family. My children whilst not perfect, are as perfect as I would ever wish them to be. I have loved this last year with our newest Little Wish, and I can't wait to see what the next 12 months have in store for us and especially his growing personality.

A belated happy bloggy birthday to my little angel man. I'm so glad you joined us. xxx

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  1. Where did the year go?! This post has made my emotional hormonal self all weepy! Your love for your little wishes is communicated sooo clearly and what a beautiful story for Zach to look back upon when he's a bigger person.
    It makes me hope this pregnancy never end because I don't want Baby Woo to ever grow up & I haven't even met her yet!
    I'm so glad you and the small man are home again and doing well.
    Welcome home x