Thursday, 4 October 2012

Another Completed Baby Blanket

This one is all ready, waaaaaaaay ahead of the sweet baby girl who it is destined for. That means there is no embroidered label to show off yet because the name, date and weight have yet to reveal themselves :)

It's made from the same Cygnet Silkaress as the other two recently completed blankets. I absolutely love this yarn! So nice to work with.

The main body of the blanket is simple treble worked with a 3.5mm hook. The edging is one row of double crochet in the main colour, two rows of double crochet in the pink accent, then another row of double crochet in the main colour again. If I were to use this particular edging again, I would do another row or two of double crochet before moving onto the little triangular peaks.

These peaks (I'm sure there is a very proper name, but as I have no idea what that is, peaks suits me just fine) are formed by working *three treble crochet into one stitch, chain three, three more treble crochet into the same stitch, miss the next stitch, slip stitch the next two stitches, miss the next stitch, then start again from*.

I'll post once the label is added and the finished result is off to its new home.

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