Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Teddy Bears

At the birthday boy's request, we made teddy bears at toddler group today.

You will need:
- a piece of card (cereal box will do)
- glue
- textured brown collage pieces (felt, fabric, wool. fake fur. scrunched tissue paper)
- white card/paper
- black felt tip
- brown paper/foam
- red/pink felt
- pink paper/foam

First draw a teddy bear shape on your card. You can either do this yourself (large oval for body, smaller circle on top for head, smaller circles for arms and legs, then add half circles for ears) or find one of many templates on the internet.
Cut this out as your base.
Glue you brown textured collage pieces all over your bear.
Cut an oval/circle just the size to fit your bear's head as his muzzle.
Glue the muzzle in place.
Cut two cirlcles from white paper/card and draw a black dot in each for eyes. Glue in place.
Cut a small circle from the pink paper/foam and glue in place for the nose.
Cut a heart from the red/pink felt and glue to your bears chest to how the love :)

You could try different coloured bears, especially if you wanted the children to make a new baby card for someone. You could also add other bear accessories: flowers on their head, ribbon bows at their necks or on their heads, patterned fabric paw pads, jar or honey, a hat.... what else might a bear need?

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