Sunday, 7 October 2012

Harvest Festival

This evening was harvest festival at our village church. I always enjoy evening services more than daytime, I think it's the atmosphere. It's the same when they hold the carol service, but then what's not to love about anything festive and Christmas feeling? (and we all chat with mince pies and mulled wine afterwards!) Unfortunately, I couldn't go because I have this awful EMA (end of module assessment) to write for my linguistics course on 'attitudes and values to English language'. Yay.

The Sunday school children were asked to create an animal/creature/person out of vegetables for their display. It's a similar idea to what the Small Person did for her school fair, back before the summer holiday, when she created a likeness of the Queen, for the Jubilee. This time it's a bunny. I pushed (hammered in some places!) sticks in for her, and she positioned her bits and pieces.

What do you think? Is it a vegetable masterpiece? The body is a squash, The ears are baby corn, the cheeks are button mushrooms, the nose and eyes are raisins,

the feet are made of a halved shallot (which I chopped for her),

the arms are satsuma segments, and his tail is a flower of broccoli.

The whole thing is put together with cocktail sticks (Did you know it's really tough to push cocktail sticks into squash without them snapping?!) and he's holding a baby carrot in case he gets hungry.

Because of the shape of the squash, he has a lovely little sideways tilt, almost like he's tilting his head on to the side to look at you. I think it gives him character. My nan thinks it makes him look like he's had one too many! :D

The Small Person was given a chocolate bar for her efforts, so was very pleased. Less pleased was Mr Bogert who said that both of the Small People had not been on their best behaviour. So she hasn't been allowed to eat her chocolate bar.

Absent from the service was the Sunday school teacher, Jeanne, who is unwell and in hospital. We're really wishing her a speedy recovery. The Small Person made her a card which one of our neighbours is going to pass along.

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