Saturday, 13 October 2012

Zachary's 2nd Birthday

We had an absolutely lovely day. Mr Bogert took the day off from work and we had just enough time in the orning before the Small Person had to catch the school bus for Zack to open some of his presents.

After the Small Person was off to school, we loaded up the car for toddler group. The Smaller Person wore his brand new dinosaur t-shirt and dinosaur hoodie which he loves (he likes putting the hood up nad being a dinosaur!). He had great fun playing with his Daddy and his friends, and he showed his Daddy how to make a Teddy Bear at the craft table.

We took some little chocolate cupcakes and mini gingerbread men for all of the children to eat at snack time, and once everyone was sitting eating them with a juice at the snack table, we all sang happy birthday to him which he seemed to love - he had ths big grin on his face and he was looking at everyone (especially the grown ups!) with a sort of "are you singing about me?" look.

We had to run an errand after group finished, but then we were back on routine and stopped at the village shop for a treat packet of chocolate buttons. Then straight on to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where we had lunch and Zack got to open more of his presents. He's really enjoyed unwrapping his gifts this time, and the cards. He opens them, then holds them up to one of us and says "read it". He has loved every gift he has opened. He had the crochet toys I made for him, some extra pieces to add to the wooden train set that he plays with that belongs to his big sister (so now they can share nicely because there's enough track to go around!), some lovely clothes, plenty of DVDs of his 3 favorite shows: Tom and Jerry, Thomas the Tank and Scooby Doo. And his Nanny bought him a portable DVD player (that can go in the car too) for him to play them on, and Grandma and Grandpa bought him his very own special set of headphones that are blue and yellow (as well as a DVD to add to the collection). He had a brand new night light called "Glowy" which should technically be called Glowy II because his sister had one before with the same name, but its little life came to an end when said Small Person hit it too hard to turn it off). He also had chocolate, money (which will go straight into his savings account), a couple of jigsaws, a new toy box, some ELC robot toys, a few books and the most amazing dinosaur wellies (so he can stop trying to 'borrow' his big sister's Minnie Mouse ones!).

He just had lots of fun playing with his new toys, watching his new DVDs, wearing his new headphones (not plugged in to anything!) and being a very lucky birthday boy. He loved having Mr Bogert at home and all to himself. Normally if Mr Bogert is home, it's a weekend which means he has to share his Daddy with his big sister.

My sister made him a lovely (huge!) birthday cake with a number 2 on top and lots of colourful Smarties. The slices of cake were so huge, even Mr Bogert couldn't finish it off properly!

In the afternoon we piled into the car and collected the Small Person from school, then we went straight out to Leamington for a special birthday pizza dinner. We were in luck as well because it was happy hour :) He just loved having this special treat - salad bowl, garlic bread, cheese and tomato pizza, apple juice then ice cream factory. He just thought the ice cream factory was amazing. He picked all chocolate toppings including the sauce. One very happy, chocco-ice cream filled, little birthday boy.

At home he opened his last few presents that were either from Alexandra, or from all three of us, and my Mum came up to bring presents from her and her partner, Brian  (she'd been at work all day), which just so happened to be those dino wellies and some Thomas the Tank clothes.

We also had a special message from Santa to wish Zack a very happy birthday (via his portable North Pole console) which after he'd seen it once, we had to reply about 10 times! :)

I think it was a lovely way to spend a second birthday. He seemed to really enjoy himself and didn't want to go to bed at bed time!

(But he did still have his special birthday party to look forward to...)

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