Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Printed Elmer

Today at toddler group we painted Elmer the elephant.

You will need:
- a sheet of card
- a pencil
- scissors
- sponges (we used washing up scourers)
- different coloured paints

First we drew elmer the elephant onto the crad with the pencil. You can find outline templates on the internet, trace it from one of the books, or if you're feeling arty, draw your owen outline.
Cut Elmer out.
We cut our scourers into square pieces and used them to print red, blue, green and yellow patches all over our Elmers.

All done! You can switch extra colours in, tie it into a story reading, make Wilbur the black and white elephant or even stick coloured papers with your paint squares.

This is the Smaller Person's masterpiece - he loved it!

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