Sunday, 15 January 2012

Get Your Nana On!

I have been reading Jodie's blog for, ummmm.., well longer than I can pinpoint :D

So over at chez Ric-Rac, Jodie is unleashing her inner nana, and enticing a bunch of us along for the ride; she is running a Rag Rug-along. I love this idea! So, I've dutifully signed up. If you pop along over onto Jodie's blog, you can read a little more about it, there's also a link to a tutorial and a couple of Flickr groups here and a list of the people (and their blogs) who have signed up already. (A visit to Jodie's blog is worth it just to broaden your vocabularly: floordrobe, embiggen, bookface, awsomesauce...)

I think there's still time to join in if your inner nana is shouting to be heard :D

This will be my first ever '-along' and I'm thinking my creation is going to be for the Small People. I have what in my mind is a wonderful (simple) plan, I'm also thinking "a plaited rag rug - plaiting, how hard can it be?" so please stay tuned for further installments to watch me eat my words! The good thing is, a creation for the Small and Smaller Person will be well received either way: they are my biggest fans and rarely comment when I mess up.

The rules are pretty open, so if you are thinking of taking part, it doesn't have to be a plaited version, it could be woven, crocheted or any other form of creating. I'm quite excited to get started, but need to get some supplies first. Mr Bogert will be so pleased when he returns from his work trip in London. I predict a smirk and the rolling of eyes.

I can't wait to see everyone's creations. I'm sure most of them will leave me thinking "Wow! I wish I'd thought of that!"

(Hi to everyone popping over from Jodie's blog!)

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  1. Oh there has been plenty of eye-rolling hereabouts I can assure you !