Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Frogs

Today we have been making Crazy Frogs at toddler group. Now this is one of those crafts where it's in my head, and I'm uncertain of it's origins :/ I have a feeling I came across this on the internet and filed it away in my cluttered brain, but some of the details got lost down the back of the cabinet! So, if this was your very wonderful idea - shout out and you'll get due credit, if not, well, who knows maybe it came out of my imagination. I never can be too sure these days...

You will need:
- green paint
- glue
- an A3 sheet of paper
- a paper plate
- a red/pink/black pipe cleaner
- some white card
- black paint

First of all, paint both your hands with the green paint and print them on the bottom of the A3 paper pointing outwards (Landscape orientation).

Glue your paper plate face down over your hand prints, overlapping and covering up the part of your hand closest to your wrist.

Paint your plate green all over.

Cut two circles from the white card and glue to the top of your paper plate. (we have made one circle larger than the other to add to the crazy look).

Paint a black dot in the centre of each white circle completing your frongs eyes. (Again we made one dot bigger than the other and put them off centre to add to the crazy look).

Bend the pipecleaner (and trim if neccessary) into a suitable wide mouthed smile. Glue in place.

All finished!

You could make your frog look crazier by giving him an open mouth with drooping wiggly tongue hanging out, and maybe spiral swirls instead of black dots in his eyes. You could create a girly frog by adding some eyelashes and a bow on her head. You could add some bull rushes to the side using straws and pieces of sponge. You could create a pond full of frogs all in different shades and place them around a large blue paper pond, with crepe paper lilypads (especially good if you have a group of children to work with).

Happy creating. Back next Tuesday with more Toddler Group crafts :)

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