Sunday, 1 January 2012

Time for Show and Tell

A very happy New Year to you! The celebrations have passed (very sad to say), but we just have a spot of quiet time for me to fit in a little show and tell post.

I had some wonderful gifts. The Small Person chose her own gifts for me: a wooly ear-flap hat and a pair of My Little Pony pants :D I actually really like the pants. They're those boy shorts pants. I have all sorts of that style with different characters and pictures on. (My favourites are a lemon pair with robots all over!)

I had some books I need for my courses. I've started reading one: The Stories of English by David Crystal, and I'm really enjoying it, it's very interesting.

I had plenty of smellies, inlcuding one of my favourite perfumes, Cerutti 1881. There was also plenty of chocolate and some chocolate biscuit tins found under the tree with my name on :D

There were clothes, underwear, a beautiful brooch, a pub quiz game, a dvd, a few bottles of something rather tasty, a steamer and some pirex dishes, a slow cooker cook book and so many other things. See? Truly spoilt!

Of special mention is my lovely watch. Remember the one I mentioned back here? I love this pendant watch.

There were a few homemade items recieved. Heather cross-stitched each of our initials on an oversized jingle bell character for  the tree.

She also gave the Small Person a Fairy Sack which has been quite handy for taking toys to various relatives houses over the holiday. It is a blue drawnsrting sack with a quilted front. I do not know if it is hand made or not, but there is no label, and it's defintiely something I'm considering making a few copies of.

The Small Person was also given a new bag from Auntie Elly and Uncle John (Mr Bogert's Godfather and his wife). It is well made and has yellow butterfly buttons for decor. I don't think it is intended to be reversible, but we have been using it inside out simply because it has a lovely red with white spot lining that's looks very festive.

And of course, I haven't shown you the Smaller Person's stocking yet. Like I said before, it needs to be lined and padded (still haven't made up my mind about the finished result of the name on the cuff), so I will make sure it's properly completed for next time Santa stops by.

In keeping with our theme, he has the Dinsey character Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch). My stocking was going to be Stitch because he is my favourite, but when we were trying to choose an appropriate character for Zachary, Mr Bogert pointed out, Stitch is the only one that reminds us of Zack (at the moment). So I've given up my Stitch stocking for the Smaller Person.

I realised you wouldn't have seen 2 new creations for the tree from last Christmas either (due to my bloggy break). Each of the Small People painted a ceramic tree decoration.

Last but absolutely not least, a Christmas card. Other than the Small Person's (many) handmade cards, we only recieved one non store bought card this year, and that was from The Woo's. I don't know if Mrs Woo made them herself or bought them from another creative soul, but isn't this lovely?

Did you get any lovely hand made cards or gift this year? Did you make anything to give? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Awww yay! that is my very own little fingerprint! how fancy am I being shown off on here!
    Auntie Heather did a cracking job on those ornaments, they're fab!

  2. I did wonder. It's a lovely card and if you don't mind, we would very much like to 'borrow' the idea next Festivities for the Small Person :)

  3. Glad you liked the tree decorations, I hope you liked the Rocky Road too! I think the sack is homemade, but sadly not by me on this occasion (injuries but me waaay behind on gift making this year). I couldn't resist it when I saw it though...I'm glad it's proved so useful!! I need to decide what to make for next year...and get making a bit earlier!! :-)