Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Mini 'Rag' Rug

True, it is not really a rag rug, but it has been made with that in mind. Alexandra made a teeny tiny rug using some of my yarn stash, just for her Sylvanian family.

Now when I say Alexandra made it, what I mean is Alexandra started it with great enthusiasm and big plans, quickly lost interest and insisted Daddy finish it for her. So Mr BOgert dutifully sat there weaving away with his little plastic bodkin, whilst the Small Person sat next to him engrossed in her Moshi Monsters DS game.

The things we do for our small people (with short attention spans).

We used a foam disposable plate and cut notches all around the outside edge. We wrapped yarn across the plate from notch to opposite notch creating a sort of star. We used a bodkin threaded with our choice of yarn to do simply over and under weaving staring at the centre and spiralling out. Each colour change we just knotted the new yarn to the end of the old one and carried on.

The Small Person took to it quite well.

Although we did have a few blips.

Once the colours are all woven, you tie the last yarn off. Snipping your base yarns loose at the edge of the plate, you knot them to the neighbouring one all the way around until they are all tied of and secure. Now trim your tails shorter (for a fringe) or weave the ends in (for a flat edge). Once pressed your all done.

This is our finished (combined effort) but it still needs pressing (which is why it has an interesting bump!).

I also have some fabric ready to start the actual rag rug for Jodie's Rag Rug-along, so hopefully next post will show some progress on the real thing! :)

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