Monday, 23 January 2012

A Rag Rug Beginning

This is addictive.

I finally managed to get started on my rag rug. I've been very patient all week. Now I've started, I don't want to stop! I keep saying to myself (in my head of course - wouldn't want anybody to think I was crazy now would I?), 'just finish one more set of strips, just to see how they turn out', that's followed by: 'actually, it would be quite nice to see how this bit works out...'

In the end Mr Bogert had to make lunch. And Dinner. Isn't he lovely?

I'm going down the same route as Jodie, 'cos I'm a big fat copycat dontcha know? Jodie describes the process far better than me, so pop on over to Ric Rac for instructions. I'm really liking this weaving in as I plait. I would like it more if we had more then one safety pin in the house (the whole house? Really?). I'm getting quite good a speedily swapping my one and only, precious safety pin to the correct strand to thread through.

I've been having a problem with getting the tightness of the plaiting right, which seems to be an issue for a few of us joining in. I just keep doing it too tight, and have to remind myself (talking to myself again!) to loosen it up a bit. The parts where I have done it too tight, keep wanting to curl up. (I'm thinking two cute Small People bums will hold it down fine :D)

I could have been clever and decided to undo the part that was too tight before I carried on, but I was caught up in the process and the idea of unravelling wasn't quite as fun as seeing the rug grow. So I didn't. I don't just want to see results, I want to see them now!

So, apart from a possible looming addiction, a few kinks from tight plaiting and a definite increase in talking to myself, it's going well, and I'm quite pleased with my rug so far. It's actually less than a rug, more of a place mat at the moment, but at least I've passed the coaster stage :)

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  1. It looks great, I have the curling up problem a bit too, but have found if I work at the same level as the rug, like have it on a table, then I work more to the side thN the top and it doesn't curl ....does that even make sense?