Thursday, 12 January 2012

Little Dylan's Lucky Leg Fund

Being a mother, this little 1 year old boy's story makes me well up every time I think of him, and I've never met him, his family, or even sweet Ashley who's blog I first read about Dylan on.

I remember how heartbreaking it was taking Zack for his operation and wondering if we had made the right decision. Dylan's parents have had to make an even harder decision for their little guy, and my heart goes out to them.

This little boy and his family have been very brave. He was born with fibular hemimelia, one leg was considerably shorter than the other. Yesterday, Dylan had an operation to amputate his leg in the hope that he will have a better quality of life with a prosthetic limb. Read more about Dylan here on Ashley's blog, Make it and Love it, or on his Mummy's blog, Just Keep Swimming.

They sure could use some help, love and support right now. Ashley is running a sale of all her patterns with all proceeds being donated to Dylan's Lucky Leg Fund (they call it his lucky leg like Nemo's lucky fin in Finding Nemo) and there is also a link there to just donate if you can. Prosethetic limbs are costly and he will need many over the course of his growth.

Here's wishing Dylan a speedy recovery and much love and luck.

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