Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cause for Celebration!

Celebrations have been going on everywhere around our little Wishes family these last few weeks! Definitely worth reflecting on.

First of all, Mr Bogert's best friend (best man at our wedding, Godfather to the small people, and reason we ever got together in the first place - so pretty important) has finally set a date with his lovely partner. It's looking like it's going to be a lovely intimate wedding, and I'm super excited because Mr Bogert is Best Man, the Small Person is Flower Girl, the Smaller Person is Page Boy, and I was super surprised and happy to be asked to be a bridesmaid :D Really looking forward to it! Ooo! And I've seen 'The Dress'. It's stunning. Look forward to lots of pictures come November time.

Anthony with Mr Bogert at our wedding.

Uncle Anthony and Auntie Charlotte with Baby Zachary on his Christening day.
The next happy news has already been mentioned: Mr and Mrs Woo's Beautiful baby girl Matilda was born on 28th January. Mrs Woo has finally found a few spare minutes between cuddles to introduce her over on her blog. Go take a look - Matilda's a super sweetie!

At the time we heard of Matilda's arrival, we were waiting for my cousin's baby boy to be born. He arrived safe and healthy. Another cutie pie, Baby Harry arrived (after a very long labour - well done Lauran!) on 3rd February. My cousin, Matt, and his partner, Lauran topped off the good news by announcing their engagement a week later. Another wedding to look forward to.

Congratulations Matt and Lauran.

In between the news of new additions and wedding bells, we went to the first birthday party of a sweet little friend of Zacks. The year has gone so fast. It's this time last year we were attending all of the baby showers! This little miss is going to be in charge of all the boys she's surrounded by. She's not shy and she's determined (despite being such a little dot!).

At Mummy Becky's baby shower before this little Miss arrived, just over a year ago.

Very First Birthday!

Today we have been to another first birthday party. Ethan is the son of Zack's Godparents, Auntie Simone and Uncle Ted, and hopefully Zacky and Ethan will grow up as good friends. Another happy time. This party felt even stranger because it has been exactly a year since I was at this house with mostly the same people (many of which I haven't seen for the last year) celebrating Ethan's impending arrival. It's not just Ethan, Zack and Little Miss that have grown; another mum who was expecting at the shower was there with her steadily growing son, another who had given birth the week before last year's shower was there with her one year old son, another couple who were looking forward to their summer wedding are now wearing their wedding bands and settled into married life. How much a year can change things!

Simone at her baby shower waiting for Ethan's arrival.

Birthday boy about to turn 1 this week!

Most of all, these small people grow too quickly! We need to put something in their food to low them down!

Zachary's Christening last May (Zack 7 months, Little Miss and Ethan 3 months) 

At Zachary's 1st Birthday (Zack 1 year old, Ethan and Little Miss 8 months old)

At Christmas, together with baby gang member number four (Zack 14 months, Ethan and Little Miss 10 months, Little Guy 8 months)
What a wonderful way to begin the year! Every year should start this way (and continue for the full twelve months). So, who else is getting married/expecting/found love/acheived something great? Congratulations all round!

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