Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Do you remember I said I was working on a little crochet something waaaaaaaaaaay back here? Well, I finally finished it! Woo hoo! I am SO pleased with how it has turned out.

Those with a keen eye will realise this isn't the same crochet from the sneak preview. I decided I was not loving it and started over using a different type of stitch. So it's the same project executed differently to the original plan.

Sorry to say, I still can't show you :( But you can have another little peek...

Yay! Finished project make me feel good, but even better when I love them so much.

Now I'm working on an Alexandra request:

This is something quick and easy, and hopefully to be finished by next week. When they are finished, you CAN see them :) Any guesses what 'they' (there's a clue) might be?

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